#ThursdayTruths - Cheating Spouses
Cheating, okay wait, Adultery.. because that is the correct term right? Is said to be one of the main reasons for separations and divorce.  The range of excuses from those who cheat range from boredom to just plain old curiosity. Apparently, nearly 1 in 5 married people will cheat on their spouse, with men being more likely to step out than woman. There are no real tell tale warning signs and while you may know that your spouse is cheating, without irrefutable proof they will just deny it continuously, sometimes turning it around on you and calling you crazy and insecure.
#BollytuneThursday with Kiran Kamath
Listen to my favorite bollywood tracks right now!
#WisdomWednesday - For the victims of domestic violence - I got flowers today
I never took geography or history when I was in school, I could never read so many lines of text in one go but every now and then, we would get sent to the geography teacher’s class for a free period. I always sat in that class and looked up, on the wall behind the teacher’s desk. She had the most powerful poem stuck on that wall. A poem that stayed within my mind for the past 11 years! It is a dedication to all the victims and survivors of domestic violence.
#AppReviewTuesday - ABSA Banking App
Check out my app review of the Absa banking app - it's received a shocking rating!
#LifehackMonday : Instantly Happy
Here are 5 lifehacks for you to start off your week!
#MondayMelody with Bruno Mars
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#FridayBackTrack - An '09 Classic
Today's #fridayBackTrack is a simple and cool old school track. Take a listen now!
#BollyTuneThursday - Mere Sapno ke Rajkumar

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Take a walk down memory lane with #FridayBackTrack

Check out #FridayBackTrack featuring some cool sounds
Start your week off with my #MondayMelody & set the tone for the week ahead.
Mondays are really HARD. Start your day off with a few lifehacks to get you into the groove of the week!
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