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  • Travelling #101 – Traveling with kids

    Well, it is time for our monthly homeward bound trip. It is wonderful to travel and to see places but for a mother, going on ‘holiday’ is more like having to work overtime, well without the benefit of extra pay! Kids are not made for long journeys and by long, I mean anything above an…

    You are your child’s favorite toy

    There are so many things to describe parenthood – it is obviously amazing, wonderful and well, all the other good words. When you were expecting your first child, your friends and family, probably gave you words of advice, encouragement and shared your excitement, but what they failed to mention to you was that you would…

    Monday is #Momday

    Welcome to Momday ladies .. As we all know, Mondays are bad days, they begin with bad and late mornings, which result in bad moods and bad moods definitely results in a bad day. Here are few memes that I found on the internet to lighten the mood a bit and give you a little…

    Shopping 101 – Surviving shopping with kids

    If you are the parent of two little kids, you will understand the rush of emotion you feel when it’s that time – the time to go shopping! Well, we live away from all our family due to my husband’s job so we have no one to ‘help’ out when we have to get things…

    Advice for a Mum’s Bad day

    Every mum has those days, those days were everything is going  wrong even the weather seems to be against you! Sometimes, small, I mean really small things seem like a HUGE problem at the time. Mums, trust me, as all things do, this too shall pass!

    Blogger Recognition Award! Whoop Whoop!

    A Thursday post is a first for me but I am super excited & honoured to announce that I have received my first blogging award – The Blogger Recognition Award! A huge thank you to Yeshira of the Brown Girl Journal for nominating The Mum Blog SA for the Blogger Recognition Award! Yeshira’s blog is a travel & food…

    A bouquet of thank yous – An attitude of gratitude

    In keeping with Spring, I have decided to deliver a bouquet of thank you’s to all the people that deserve them and maybe, have never heard them. There are so many people that do so many things for us and to us in our lives that help us. I have realised that in life, harsh…

    My dear son – I wish you weren’t ill

    When your child is sick, you feel like your entire world is sick! It may be just the ordinary flu, but it still hurts your heart to see your little one suffering in any way! My dear, sweet son, I wish you didn’t have to get sick…

    The Amazing Love of Grandparents

    Goodmorning friends! I hope you had an awesome weekend, mine, however, mine was somewhat bittersweet. I had a totally disastrous month end shopping experience with my two kids and my eldest (2 year old is sick at the moment!) but on the other hand, my parents came over – my kids love them! It was…

    Having two kids close together isn’t as hard as you think!

    Having kids a year a part from each other is cutting is close, I agree. But it is not insane! Don’t be afraid mothers’ and mothers’-to-be, it’s not as scary as everyone makes it seem!

Welcome to The Mum Blog SA. On this blog you will find many posts pertaining to my journey through motherhood. Motherhood, no matter how easy your mum makes it look, is actually a lot harder than you think. I am the mother of a beautiful 1-year-old girl and a gorgeous 2-year-old son, who are born almost exactly a year apart from each other.

Why start The Mum Blog SA?

To be honest, I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself in the hope of connecting with other mothers. As a young mum, I want to create an identity for myself in this world. I love and appreciate that my identity is now made up of Yash, Ralee & Avi but I also need to make it about myself. I want to share my journey through motherhood with all the moms out there and I hope to share theirs.
My blog started out with my husband saying to me, “You should write a book baby”, yep, those were his exact words. I have always enjoyed writing, I have written letters, random thoughts and poems on random occasions and often my husband has been the critic of my work, well not really critic but he is brutally honest! He sparked the idea in my mind that I should attempt to do something with my words.
I hold a diploma in IT, I am a mother of two children and a wife, I definitely felt like I had a whole lot to say. After a few months of consideration, I began The Mum Blog SA, just two weeks ago! My aim is to connect and share the journey of motherhood with other moms out there, that face life’s ups and downs while trying to be superwoman for her kids. Even though we are moms, we are allowed to do something for ourselves, motherhood does not have to mean giving up your identity, instead embrace it and add it to your existing identity. You are YOU, not just the wife of Mr SO and SO or the mum of baby Cuteness (although there’s nothing wrong with those introductions – I love being known as the mum of Yash & Ralee or as Mrs Gobin!) but it is also important that you do not lose yourself on the way.

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My dear son – I wish you weren’t ill

My dear son – I wish you weren’t ill

When your child is sick, you feel like your entire world is sick! It may be just the ordinary flu, but it still hurts your heart to see your little one suffering in any way! My dear, sweet son, I wish you didn’t have to get sick… (more…)