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Shopping 101 – Surviving shopping with kids

If you are the parent of two little kids, you will understand the rush of emotion you feel when it’s that time – the time to go shopping! Well, we live away from all our family due to my husband’s job so we have no one to ‘help’ out when we have to get things done which means that shopping is an ENTIRE family affair.

After doing it once or twice, I have devised a plan that makes shopping easier. Many might not approve since it involves a few sweets here and there, but trust me, if you have kids like mine and if you refer to my last blog post about dealing with a bad day, you will know that shopping can be way worse than a bad day if you refuse to choose your battles.
I generally follow these steps to ensure a smooth and happy shopping experience:

    1. Prepare the day before the actual trip – decide on what time you are going shopping, try to plan around your kids routine. Generally, if we are going shopping, I try to do it early in the morning or after their nap. Taking out sleepy kids mean there’s a tantrum on the way!
    2. The way to a man’s (kid’s) stomach is through his stomach – if your kids are bottle fed, give them a bottle each before you change their diapers & clothes. If you are feeding them normal food, give them a snack before you go out.
    3. Cleanliness is next to Godliness – change their diapers & clothes just before you step out of the house.
    4. Murphy’s Law (What can go wrong, will go wrong) – Be prepared! This is where diaper bag 101 (Get your free printable checklist below) comes in:

      a. Make boiling hot bottles of milk and put them in your bag – It gets crazy when your kid is crying for milk, in the middle of the store where there is no place for you to actually make the milk. I know, I know, you just fed them, but you never know when hunger strikes or you might take longer at the shops than expected; whatever it is, by the time your child wants the milk again, it will be just right for drinking and not ice-cold. If your child is not drinking milk, be sure to pack a snack for them, something that you can easily reach and feed.
      b. Diapers/wipes/Changing Mat – Yes, I know that you just did this amazing diaper change, but still, kids need changing at the oddest times (like going number 2 in the car, while it’s raining and you can’t open the windows). I am always armed with extra diapers, a pack of wet wipes, my changing mat and my personal favorite, Sudocrem. For those of you that don’t know about it, Sudocrem is amazing for diaper rash and if you’re pregnant, it helps if you suffer from infection a lot! You can find it at Dischem.
      c. Extra milk – I never step out of the house without carrying a backup of milk. I found these Pigeon Powder Milk Containers extremely handy, in fact, before I got them I used to carry the entire tin of NIDO with me which made my diaper bag quite heavy. I also carry my flask with water that’s just right for drinking.
      d. Feeding cup & plastic spoon – You never know when you might need to feed your child something like a quick melting ice cream cone or some sort of juice that you know they’re going to drop all over themselves if they use a straw.
      e. Bibs/Face towels/Extra clothes – Kids love to spill, they generally don’t do it purposely but when they do, you cannot leave them soaking wet or messed from head to toe.

    5. Trolleys – God bless trolleys! Once we get to the mall/shopping center, we immediately dive for trolleys – to store our diaper bag & the kids.
    6. Keep calm – Buy a sweet/some type of food that your child likes or use the snack you carried from home & feed them whilst shopping. This keeps my kids busy while I shop!
    Tip: If you think they are refusing to eat something that you brought from home, just PRETEND as though you are getting it from the shop.

You may wonder why I suggested sweets; well, in my case, my kids eat the sweets when we go out which ensures that they do not cry and throw a tantrum while in the store. By the time they get home, they are so tired from the shopping that there is no effect from the sweets & helps with sleeping time going smoothly.
In case the sweets don’t work and your child is getting crabbier by the second, the milk that you made is ready to go in case that’s really what your little one wants.
My baby bottles: NUK


My handy milk container: Pigeon


It’s been really hard trying to find a replacement changing mat for the one’s I’ve had since my babies were born, however, I love the one that comes with this bag – which also has sections for EVERYTHING I need, thankfully!


I have this feeding cup from Dr Brown’s, I especially like this one because it comes with handles on the side for children to hold and it has measurements on it as well, so you can begin weening them off the bottle.


Download the free diaper bag 101 checklist now:

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