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Featured Mom Blog – Peanut Gallery 24/7

Today’s featured blog is Peanut Gallery 24/7 created by Nicola Subben. Nicola is a learning and development practitioner & mother to one, young little man. Her blog is all about motherhood and inspiring people to get themselves out of the slums and make themselves happy!


When looking around on the net, I came across the peanut gallery 24/7. I found the name quiet interesting actually because you know the saying about comments from the peanut gallery. After reading through this blog (Nicola has a great post about Woman behind the blog), I found out that the name related to her little one. When she was pregnant, she did not know the gender of the baby and as all loving parents do, they name the little one that they talk to. Her husband and herself called their little one peanut. Moving on from there, her family members created a group regarding her pregnancy on whatsapp and called it peanut gallery! Thats how the name came to play and what a sweet significance it has.

I like Peanut Gallery because of many things that you will find there. She has some great motivational content (and I love happy people!) that are focused on getting people through hard and personal phases of their lives. She shares beautiful parts of her life and one post that really gets to me is this one in which she focused on how greatful she is for her husband in her life:

I’m grateful that we connect

We are able to express ourselves to each other in ways that I do know not many couples are capable of. I think this is extremely important as marriage should be about full transparency and without fear of judgement. There are people who connect physically and not emotionally or vice versa – I do believe that our marriage is happy one because of the equilibrium between both. I am comfortable to be myself and have no desire or need to put on a facade in any way.

My husband is my best friend and we have an open and honest marriage, where we are both comfortable to talk to each other about anything and everything. We acknowledge that we have difference of opinions when we do and we respect that, which is perhaps one of the reasons we haven’t ever had a fight…well, not yet. (We began dating in 2011 and got married in 2014)

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She also shares her sweet love story – which is similar to mine actually but thats for a seperate post lol, well maybe!

Right now, I can’t recall if I mentioned this in previous posts…so let me share… just so that you know, my husband and I went to school together. So, we met when we were in Class 1 – that was in 1985. We were each other’s first crush. He was the first boy I danced with. He was the first boy I went home and thought about. When I doodled, it was his name with hearts around it. We parted ways when we went to different high schools, so we last saw each other in Standard 5, which was in 1991.

Just over 20 years later, we had our first date in February 2011. I remember it like it was just yesterday, my cheeks hurt by the time I got home because I could not stop smiling throughout that date. I felt like a little girl. It felt like serendipity, it still does. We began dating, it was long distance for just over a year and a half, we lived 400km away from each other. So we got to know each other through emails, which was perfect as we both enjoyed expressing ourselves in this way.

(Read full post here)

Nicola’s personality shines through in her posts. You can just tell that she is an outgoing, happy-go-lucky person. She also describes her personal journey to ‘getting happy’, which I think is quiet admirable. When you begin blogging, you open yourself up to the entire world – it takes someone with great courage to share their personal stories without the worry of receiving critism and negative comments. Even though we have come so far in life, women are always looked at with a critical eye.

When collaborating with Nicola, her personality struck me, even though we were communicating via email, I knew I liked this person!

Take a look at my email interview with Nicola:

Why are you blogging?

I love expressing my thoughts, feelings and opinions through writing and I find that blogging is a channel for me to unleash my creative energy. I like being able to make a positive difference. For many years in my life, before meeting my husband, I had almost given up on love and on life, because of the few failed relationships I had.  It tore me apart.  I had almost lost myself, but I didn’t.  I chose to let the unfortunate experiences make me stronger – it wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I therefore want to communicate to other women in similar situations, that there is hope and that life does go on. If I could go through all the things I did and still be here, stronger than ever and put all of that behind me, then so can they.

Why is it important to you to blog?

It’s important for me to have work-life balance, something that was a challenge before I began blogging. It creates a sense of fulfilment for me, knowing that I can reach out to others through my blog, to inspire, motivate and share great ideas/products/experiences as I come across them.

As a mom, how does being a blogger affect your family life?

I have learned and am still learning so much through blogging. I feel like I have a cyber family online and I have so much to learn through the engagement on social media.  I follow other moms, who share their experiences of motherhood online and this makes me feel like I am not alone in many situations.  I write my blog posts when my child is asleep, so that this doesn’t affect the amount of limited time I have with him, being a working mom. Ever since I began blogging, I am happier and because I am happier, this has had a positive effect on my family life.

How difficult is it to handle your job, your family and your blog?

It’s important to set limits. It’s also important to have support. I am fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law live with us, she moved in after my son was born, to look after him whilst we are at work. She also does the cooking during the week, so that I can spend my time with my son when I come home from work.  I do wish I had more time to blog, as I have so many ideas but time is limited in the evenings, so there is only so much I can do. I used to spend lots of time after hours doing work, I set limits after my child was born and one of the decisions I made, was to start blogging – so this is a challenge with work, because I spend less time after hours doing work, I can’t always manage what needs to be done. But I keep telling myself that I should not have been working after hours anyway.

When you share your personal experiences, do you not worry about negative criticism and have you received any regarding your blog/any personal story you posted? How did you deal with it?

I appreciate people who express their opinions, even if they don’t agree with my personal comments/experiences.  I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if there is any negative criticism, I will respect that the person had the courage to comment/share their opinions. I may not agree with it or even like it but I will respect their freedom to communicate. I have not yet had any negative criticism.

What does your husband think about you blogging?

He sees it as me being creative, knows and understands it’s something I love doing and he sees it as me using my spare time constructively.

Does he read your blog and if so, what does he think about it?

Yes, he does, he is subscribed to my blog and on the odd occasion he has alerted me of typos.  Whenever I need to bounce something off him, he is always willing to listen and to give his opinion if he has one on whatever the topic is. I once asked him to do a Guest Post and he obliged willingly, you can read it here: Equal Parenting – A Daddy’s Perspective

What is the great, big message that you wish to leave for women/mothers that are younger than you?

Be yourself and learn to love yourself before you look for love or happiness in anyone else. When you “find” yourself, you will find your purpose and when you’ve found your purpose in life, don’t allow anyone to hold you back. Go for it, do what you believe in. Be yourself, unapologetically.


With a simple design, this blog is packed with a variety of things. If you’re looking for great giveaways, awesome reviews and something to nurture your spirit a little, you should definitely pop on down to this blog.

Links to Nicola’s blog & other social media:

Blog: www.peanutgallery247.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/peanutgallery247

Instagram: www.instagram.com/nicolasubben

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nicolasubben

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFVNq7iv4l2vHgLhQ7KMRg


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