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Roger The Mini-Dragon And The Magic Meadow

Imagine waking from a deep sleep into a strange new world. What would you do first? How would you feel?

One afternoon in Calgary, Alberta, a long-hidden dragon egg hatched on a cliff overlooking one of the city’s main rivers. Alone in a new world, Roger is discovered by a group of feathery and furry critters who quickly make friends with the little dragon.
Follow along as Roger and his new friends discover many things, including pizza and a beautiful meadow.

The book is basically about a magical dragon, who, after surviving the ages inside an egg hatches into the world of technology, cellphones and well, pizza.

Although the book uses quite a few big terms (“Bedraggled“), it opens up an opportunity to add organically to your child’s vocabulary.

Sardinha introduces death in a friendly way to her readers. It is not described as a thing to fear, instead it is introduced as a magical meadow, somewhere that is beautiful and peaceful with Sardinha using an eagle to explain death to Roger. This helps children to understand and deal with loss.

This is a magical place, which can
only be found when one is ready to leave this world. All eagles go to the
meadow, upon reaching the end of their time in this world.

Roger, being a clever little, magical dragon also implements positive outlooks and behaviours, such as polite mannerisms, empathy, caring, sincerity etc.

The book has some great magination put into it, with things being described down to every little detail. (If you have kids, you would understand that when they ask questions, you HAVE to have EVERY answer!)

All in all, I would recommend this book to kids whose parents are trying to phase out picture books and to those kids, whose minds require a challenge!

About the author:

Trish Sardinha is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada;

‘Roger the Mini Dragon’ is her first book – she wanted to reach out to all ages, simply because of the beauty all around her.

The genres in which Trish writes are mixed; she is currently working on a compilation of poetry, shorty stories – which include Roger – and one other novel.

Currently, she is volunteering twice a week at a Salvation Army location, and recently learned she has a new “buddy” at the ” Learn to Read” Program.

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