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HICH South Africa – Most Awesome Shirts

How many of you feel for animals in need? I mean really feel for them? My heart breaks when I see an animal injured. When I was younger, I remember telling everyone that I wanted to become a vet, but as I grew up, I realised that sometimes I may have to put a dog down and I knew that I could never do that so that dream vanished! But here, is an amazing brand; HICH South Africa that gives back to animal shelters.

HICH stands for:

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Yash & Ralee enjoying their HICH T-Shirts

Hard work

HICH was founded by a family who care deeply about the well-being of animals. Their awesome & quirky kids t-shirt designs are created to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

I was so happy when I received these shirts, but the kids were ecstatic! They began shedding their clothes off just to get into these comfy shirts! The t-shirt is made with love and is of good quality. If you support HICH, you get an awesome, good quality shirt AND you help a little animal. Isn’t that a win-win?

The best thing was when I received the package was the fact that there was a personalized note to my kids! I think that is amazing & really sweet of this new, upcoming brand! It goes to show that a lot of heart goes into their work!

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If you’re looking to do a bit of good today OR even if you’re just looking to get some awesome tee’s, head on down to www.hichsouthafrica.com to get something cool!

HICH Social – Click on the link below:

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