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The Husband Series

The Husband Series – Mr & Mrs Miller – Noleen – Miller In The City

If I could describe the relationship between my husband and I, one word comes to mind “soulful”. We have a soulful relationship where we are the best of friends, after all these years we still get each other, can finish each other’s sentences and that we completely trust each other to share our inner most feelings with one another.

Today, Noleen Miller will be sharing her love story with us & you’d be surprised at how much her hubby does for her!

  1. Tell me your love story.

Brent and I met 18 years ago. We met via a mutual friend and were both invited to a braai. It’s kind of funny as my friend was planning to hook my husband up with someone else. We were both instantly attracted to each other and the hook up with someone else never materialised.  I think fate brought us together that night and we’ve been together ever since – happily married with two gorgeous daughters.

  1. Who popped the question & how?

It was kind of weird as we were in a relationship for 2 years and I mentioned to him jokingly that I think it’s time to commit.  But he was the one who popped the question. I will never forget that day – he first went to ask for my parents’ blessing. Totally shitting his pants as he was so nervous. Then took me for a romantic dinner – didn’t propose there but drove to a mountain top and popped the question. I of course said yes and the rest is history.  

  1. What are those super awesome little things that you love about your hubby?

I’ve actually done a blog post about this topic for our wedding anniversary last year. It is called “Dearest Husband – Reasons Why I love You”. I’ve listed so many reasons why I love him but if I could point out two things it’s that he respects me as a woman and values my input. The other would be that I love him for his kindness, generosity and consideration of other people.

  1. Name a few things that you feel, that no one can do as good as your husband can?

Firstly, I think he is an excellent kisser – don’t think anyone can top that. *Blush-blush, red face*.

Secondly, I was blessed with a man who can cook – his cooking skills is even better than mine.

  1. If you could thank your husband today, what would you thank him for?

Shoo, there are so many things that comes to mind but I think I’ll thank him for choosing me to be his life partner, accepting me for who I am with no expectations, being committed to make our marriage a success and that he is an amazing father to our daughters.

  1. What annoying thing does he do that makes you want to kill him when he’s there but that you miss when he’s not around?

Well it annoys me when he leaves the toilet seat up and I definitely don’t miss that when he is not around.  He loves to prank and tease us (me and the girls), so when he is not around I kind of miss that silly sense of humour of his, as the house is so quiet.

  1. If we could celebrate husband appreciation day, what would you let him do/do for him to let him know that you appreciate him?

He is into trail running so he will most probably start his day off with a run. Afterwards I’ll surprise him with a full spa treatment, followed with a helicopter ride over the Peninsula and then meet up with him for a romantic dinner. 

  1. What are some of the things that you simply cannot do without your husband?

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage without my husband.  He does such a lot. However, I must say I simply can’t do the morning routine without him. If he is not around then there is complete and utter chaos in our house.  He is the one who wakes up at 05h00 in the morning, prepares and packs the lunches to everyone’s preference.  Breakfast is also made to everyone’s preference. We basically just wake up, get dressed and everything else is sorted. We are extremely lucky and grateful to have him do these things for us.

  1. What is the one thing you hate to do, that he does for you?

This is bizarre – but I loathe washing windows so he is the one who does this.

  1. Share with us a memory that was shared between the both of you that has become an everlasting milestone?

Lighting our unity candle on the day of our wedding ceremony has become an everlasting milestone and tradition. We light it every year on our wedding anniversary as a constant reminder that our lives are still joined together as one.

  1. What is the most special thing that he has ever done for you or said to you?

He is my biggest supporter and will always compliment and encourage me on certain things. What I find special is the fact that he knows that I need “me time”.  Although we love doing things together – he gives me that space.

  1. What are the words that are most frequently exchanged between you two?

I love you – these words are exchanged frequently throughout the course of the day.

  1. Do you have any special traditions? E.g. Valentines dinner etc.

When it’s our wedding anniversary we tend to spoil ourselves with a couple’s getaway.  Plus we do date nights often.  We not really big on celebrating Valentine’s day and take it as it comes.

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