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#LifehackMonday : 5 Parenting Hacks

As a parent, any little shortcut can help you get through a rough day. Here are 5 parenting life hacks. Give some of them a try.

Lifehack #1

Put plastic wrap over the opening of a normal cup and poke a straw in to prevent spillage.



Lifehack #2

Use an empty wetwipe container to store travel snacks for your little one.



Lifehack #3

Use a lollipop to dispense medicine to your kid. Just dip the lollipop in the medication and have them suck it.



Lifehack #4

Massage different points on your baby’s feet to relieve discomfort.



Lifehack #5

Use shoe organizers to keep things organized when you’re traveling.



Do you have any parenting hacks that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: Buzzfeed


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