“Yeah man” .. Today’s #FridayBackTrack is none other than Love in This Club by Usher featuring rapper, Young Jeezy. This song was released in 2008 (during my high school years) and was a hit single from Usher’s album, ‘Here I Stand’. This song appeared after Usher’s 4 year break since he released ‘Confessions’.

The song received much critique from various well known critics however, it was loved by the fans placing number 1 on the US Billboard 100, US hot R&B /HipHop Billboard & New Zealand. The song also received gold certifications from Australia, Japan & UK while hitting Platinum in New Zealand and the States.

The video features the oh so sexy, Keri Hilson and various other artists pop up along the way within the song. You get a chance to see the likes of Kanye West, Diddy, Nelly, Rick Ross & Robin Thicke.

There are many different versions of this song & even a remix of it featuring Lil Wayne & Beyonce. I personally love this track & back when it was a hit (although it still is to me), Usher’s dance moves towards the end of the video are amazing.


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