#WisdomWednesday – WHY???

This long weekend was definitely an experience. I left Ralee for hours, I went to the temple that I grew up going to & met my long lost family and then.. then I met someone who changed my life forever. With beautiful curly hair and the world’s most sweetest face, she held my hand and took my heart. I’ve always said that children possess some kind of special magic, but this little girl had more than just magic.

We meet kids often, within our family, within our friends circle, even when we go shopping. So why is this kid a big deal? Why am I writing about her? This is the unfortunate part. This baby is a beautiful baby girl. She is 1 year 6 months old and I grew attached to her the very moment that I laid eyes on her. I’ve never felt an attachment so strong to someone else’s child, but when I saw this little one, I immediately wanted to protect her from the world and unfortunately, even at this young age, she needs protecting from her own near and dear ones.

This little angel child is living in a home that cannot afford to look after her. Now, poverty is not something that one asks for nor is it something to be ashamed of. I am blessed with everything that I have in this life and so are my kids. I am thankful for these things everyday. My kids get their milk on time, medications when needed, food on demand, more toys than they need and clothes that fit them. The little doll that I’m so sad for, gets NONE of that.

She is restricted to the number of bottles she has a day, she does not eat much of real food, she hardly has any clothes that fit her and I did not see any toys in her hands or anywhere for that matter. Unfortunately, there is only one provider in their family and she works for a very small amount with 8 adults, 1 toddler and a 6 month old baby to feed. The provider of the family has two kids of her own. What makes this situation even worse is that the parents of the child do not have money for her and her smaller brother (6 months old) yet they do have money to buy drugs. They also smoke and drink around the little one. The child is staying with the parents but is under the welfare. Now, please, someone answer me this, WHY??????

Why do people have children if they can’t look after them? Why do they put drugs first? Why do they not care about what they are doing in front of the child? Why do they deprive the child of the essentials? I gave to the baby as much as I could, going there with clothes for both the kids & of course chocolates, because they deserve to have something sweet! When I had to leave this baby, I felt as though someone was taking away my very own daughter from me. I nearly cried, I know inside, I was crying.

If I could adopt this little girl, I would. Now, as many people have already said; I have my own two very naughty kids and I should focus on growing them up. Truth be told, I am very much focused on my kids, getting involved in every activity of their lives but this little girl, she’s in my heart too. I don’t know how she got there so fast, but there’s something about her that makes you want to save her.

Before this I was sure that every parent does what we, as parents do. After this experience, I don’t feel so sure anymore. Unfortunately, I cannot share any wisdom on this Wednesday with this post. All I can do is ask every parent to look at their child’s face before doing something wrong and when you look at your child’s face, remember that it is YOUR responsibility to PROTECT them from harm and NURTURE them and PROVIDE for them; then think about what you’re about to do again and decide whether you are making the correct decision. Don’t forget that your child was brought into this world because of the decisions that you have made, don’t let them suffer and don’t feel frustrated at having to provide for them. Don’t blame them for anything, instead, blame yourself for bringing a little one in this world and then making them suffer.

If you see a kid that is in need or parents that just don’t care, visit the Child Welfare website and find out the contact details for your nearest child welfare. Get in touch and help a little one.

Child Welfare South Africa Details:

Web: http://childwelfaresa.org.za/

Call: 074 080 8315

Mail: info@childwelfaresa.org.za

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