#BollytuneThursday with Bappi Lahiri & Daisy Shah

This song is one of my favorites with the video leaving you in awe of the great choreography and even better execution. Nandlala from Ram Ratan, performed by Daisy Shah is one of those songs that celebrate Krishna’s Janmashtami. The song is composed by Bappi Lahiri and sung by Bappi Lahiri and Palak Muchhal.

Apart from the song being amazing to listen to, the video is a must watch! There are some amazing dance moves incorporated into this song, not forgetting to mention that Daisy Shah is a professional dancer and her performance is outstanding. Words cannot do enough justice to her performance in this jam packed song with amazing moves and eye catching facial expressions. Another thing to note is that when you watch this song, Daisy gives you the experience of watching a devotee dance with ecstasy for this song. It truly is amazing to watch.

Watch the video now.


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