{Guest Post} Prepping For Your First Born: What First Time Moms Need

This wonderful article was submitted as a guest post by the wonderful, Kayla Clough from Ourstart.

The sheer thought of becoming a new mom is simultaneously awe-inspiring and terrifying. It’s certainly a life-changing experience, one that comes with many lessons, lots of smiles, and tons of new purchases. The list of what you (or an expecting mother you care about) will need to be fully prepared for when baby arrives can feel daunting, seem as though it is ever-growing, and all the while you’re thinking to yourself: How the heck am I going to pay for all of this stuff?

But preparation shopping doesn’t need to be so stressful, and it certainly does not need to break the bank. If you take the time to learn about the basics that you’ll absolutely need before you hit the store, decide what will work best for you, your baby and your budget, and stick to your guns once you’re faced with all those options, I promise you’ll come out the other side feeling like a super-mom! To get your list started, we’ve pulled together the most important basics needed to welcome your little one into the world!


Lots of the Little Stuff …


Anything you can think of that you might or will use on a daily basis, you’re going to want to have plenty of on hand, and in various sizes as well. This includes diapers, wipes, bottles, clothing, blankets, burp cloths, pacifiers, and eventually bigger-kid necessities like teething rings. The more of any and all of these items that you have stocked-piled before the baby arrives, the less running around you’ll have to do once you have a little one to tote around.


I highly suggest buying in bulk to save money, and collecting different sizes of the things your baby will grow into and out of (mainly diapers and clothing, but you can also add bottles to this list), since newborns and especially premature babies do a lot of growing very quickly. The bonus to having extra of everything is that you can keep small reserves all over your home, so that what you need is always within reach when your hands are full with your little one.


… And a Bag to Keep It All In


Probably one of the most life-saving small purchases you’re going to make is a diaper bag. Not only is it necessary and convenient when you need to take your baby (and all of his or her little things) along for the ride, it’s one of the few things you get to choose that will be completely personal to you in the midst of all the baby attention. If you find the right one, it can also double as your purse to minimize baggage while you’re on the go.


Having a travel bag that is always loaded with the essentials for your baby can make last-minute errands or accidents while you’re out a breeze, but having a bag that you love and has room for all of your essentials too can make you smile even on the longest of days. Please also keep in mind that you don’t have to spring for an actual diaper bag, since they can often be expensive and feel rather un-stylish – in this case, whatever works for you will work for your baby too.


Sling ‘em or Swing ‘em


As a (soon to be) new mother, the most immediately noticeable change in your life is how constantly busy your hands will be with the baby, while it feels like all the other things you need your hands for will start to go undone. That’s where the magic of modern-day innovation swoops in to help out, and for this need, you have two options. You can research, try on, and purchase a sling to keep your baby tucked close to you and soothed while you work on other things, which offers the benefit of always having your baby within reach or your line of sight, depending upon what kind of sling you choose. If you are anticipating that fluttery, new-mother need to be able to check on your baby at any and all times, then having a sling is a miracle for both your hands and your peace of mind.


On the other hand, fussier babies can become accustomed to being held whenever they cry, and that swaddled, close-by feeling of being carried in a sling all the time can sometimes create a habit-like expectation that when they are left to lay (whether it’s for bed or just because), they should be crying. If you notice your baby tends to fuss after all of his or her needs have been met, then a swing may be a better choice. There is a wide variety of baby swings that go all different ways, contain music and lights to soothe your baby, and even convert to meet the needs of the other stages your baby will grow into. As long as you stage the swing in a safe and relatively quiet place that you can easily access to check on your baby, it’s another wonderful tool for busy mothers who need to ensure that their little ones are safe and content.


And the Basics


Apart from all of the above, expecting mothers will also obviously require a few basic, big-ticket items, including a bed for the baby to sleep in, a car seat (even if you don’t personally have a car, it will come in handy whenever transporting your baby), and possibly a stroller, depending on how active you expect to be. But probably the most important thing to have after the baby is born won’t cost you a dime – you’re going to want to ensure that you have a great support system set up for yourself. Whether you’re about to be a single mother, or you’re bringing a baby into an already large family, there are going to be moments when you feel exhausted and overworked. And it’s perfectly fine and normal (healthy, even) to ask for help in those moments!

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Kayla Clough is the email specialist here at OurStart. Kayla is a recent graduate of Eastern University in PA where she majored in Marketing and Human Resources. Kayla loves all things fashion, her golden retriever Max, and coffee. When she is not working, you can find her binge watching Sex in the City and baking her latest find on Pinterest.


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