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Davenport restaurant launches new visual menu: Pop-up Society

The milkshake kids on the block, Pop-up Society launches a brand new visual menu as fun & effervescent as their brand has been for the past 3 years.

The uniqueness of Pop-up Society has always been that the owners concentrated on making their menu stand out from the crowd. Their new visual menu lends itself to a great deal of imagery which Chef Rev believes is a key factor in recognising what a restaurant can offer prior to eating. This new menu keeps their anchor flavours & signature burgers, explains Chef Rev but now paving the way significantly for fresher & funky menu items as a Naughty Schnitzel Strips, Pop’s & Pesto and a hot English mustard burger, to name a few.


Pop-up Society is the brainchild of owners / directors Rev Batohi and Mike Laing. In charge of the Front of House is Mike Laing who has eight years’ experience in the hospitality industry learning his trade through working in high-end eateries, as well as event management and sound engineering. He is joined by Rev Batohi or “Chef Rev” as he is known in culinary circles, who oversees the menu and kitchen.

The bold, multi-coloured, quirky exterior promises a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Chef Rev and Mike have personally lovingly restored an old Glenwood home in Davenport Roadone of those old gems which boast tall ceilings, sash windows and wooden floors.


Laing states, “We are hungry to achieve and deliver not only good food, but a great dining experience.”


Pop-up Society offers an intimate 100-seater, fixed and contemporary style restaurant and bar which will trade seven days a week with 2 meal sittings catering to a wide culinary variety. This stylish and modern spot creates a funky environment. It boasts an avant-garde indoor fish tank and a design feature with cows and grass on the wall; an inviting wooden bar; and an outdoor area which doubles as the kitchen’s garden. The dining area features large reclaimed doors from the actual building which have been reappointed as solid table-tops; and there is quirky décor in and around the house – vintage movie posters, chalk boards and motivational phrases dotted around.


“We saw the need for more family-friendly spaces that wasn’t a predictable franchise chain store. We have dates earmarked to have kids activities where we will teach them to make their own milkshakes; bake gingerbread man; bake cup-cakes and learn to decorate them.” an eager Chef Rev beamed.

Having graduated in 2012 from the Capsicum Culinary Studio, South Africa’s largest hospitality school, Chef Rev continues, “I just want to cook! And by so doing, spread my passion for mouth-watering fare. Our menu is always adventurous and full of surprises. We also have a handful of veggie options which we will be expanding on via our new limited-edition section of the menu! We don’t have a dessert menu leaving that sugary task to our yummy freak-shakes!”


A delectable variety in the craft beer department is on offer. Laing claims, “We have perhaps underplayed the craft beer we have on offer. We are excited to serve perhaps one of the widest selections available in Glenwood.”


Pop-up Society is situated on 132 Helen Joseph / Davenport Rd, Glenwood (next to Badgers). It is open during the week from 11am until late and on weekends from 10am until 10pm and 11pm respectively.


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