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Monday is #Momday

Welcome to Momday ladies .. As we all know, Mondays are bad days, they begin with bad and late mornings, which result in bad moods and bad moods definitely results in a bad day. Here are few memes that I found on the internet to lighten the mood a bit and give you a little smile.
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A bouquet of thank yous – An attitude of gratitude

In keeping with Spring, I have decided to deliver a bouquet of thank you’s to all the people that deserve them and maybe, have never heard them. There are so many people that do so many things for us and to us in our lives that help us. I have realised that in life, harsh words come easily to people and good, true and uplifting things seem to take the long route to our tongues. We have so much in this world to be thankful for, some of us thank God, some of us thank our parents, but how often do we do these things? For many of us the answer is not often enough! So let’s talk about having an attitude of gratitude!