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Teenagers gone viral


“I will hunt you down, I will f*ck you up & I will put you six feet under”, are the threats made by a teenage girl.

Oh my God, Evashen and Mishkah.. really?

Social media has been an amazing tool for businesses and family members to stay in touch with each other even though they are far away but as it evolved, it began to show its downfalls or are they our downfalls?

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#ThursdayTruths : The early weeks of pregnancy


So everyone congratulates you when they find out you’re pregnant, well it’s either that or they give you the evil eye for doing some socially unacceptable thing (let’s not even go there). Then they smile, give you advice and tell you how being pregnant is absolutely wonderful and beautiful. NEWSFLASH: It’s not! Well, at least not for all of us!

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#AppReviewTuesday – Kids Aid


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were faced with an emergency health situation regarding your child? Would you panic? Do you know CPR or first aid? To be honest, I don’t. I do know the things to do that have been passed on from generation to generation but to be honest, I don’t know correct procedures for CPR or first aid. Luckily my husband is a health & safety officer and knows all these things but he often works far from home, so what would I do in case of an emergency? Here’s where Kids Aid comes into play.

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How being a Work from home mom worked out for me!


Childcare.. an oh so necessary thing if you are a work from home mom, or just generally a working mom. Childcare may be cheap for some in South Africa but for others, an extra R2000 a month is a really deep cut for their monthly expenses. My family consists of four people, the creches in our area charge roughly about R3000 a kid, we are also a small startup business, do you think R6000 a month is fair on us for quality child care? I don’t think so and I know many other parents out there would agree!