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There’s a whole lot of sickness flying around (as if we need more trauma in this country after all the crime that has happened within the passed two weeks!). The worst thing that can hit your toddler is a fever. Fever’s suck! As my daughter is sick, I can only recommend to you what helped her; please do not use my advice as a replacement for a doctor’s consult (I know you won’t, but I’ve got to say that!)

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How being a Work from home mom worked out for me!


Childcare.. an oh so necessary thing if you are a work from home mom, or just generally a working mom. Childcare may be cheap for some in South Africa but for others, an extra R2000 a month is a really deep cut for their monthly expenses. My family consists of four people, the creches in our area charge roughly about R3000 a kid, we are also a small startup business, do you think R6000 a month is fair on us for quality child care? I don’t think so and I know many other parents out there would agree!

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#LifehackMonday : Discipline your under 7’s


Kids?!?! I mean, really, have you ever been in a situation where your kid was about to do something dangerous and you stopped them? Stopping them was awesome, you saved them from something potentially life threatening until they decided that they ABSOLUTELY WANT to attempt that dangerous thing and no matter how many times you say NO, they are still set on doing it? If you’ve met my daughter, you would know that she could try the patience of a Saint, not forgetting my son who now instead of 3 is showing me the attitude of a 13 year old!

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#WisdomWednesday – WHY???


This long weekend was definitely an experience. I left Ralee for hours, I went to the temple that I grew up going to & met my long lost family and then.. then I met someone who changed my life forever. With beautiful curly hair and the world’s most sweetest face, she held my hand and took my heart. I’ve always said that children possess some kind of special magic, but this little girl had more than just magic.

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Reptile City Mposa – Out & About WITH kids


We have been living in Richards Bay for quite a while now due to my husband’s job. We have always been looking for things to do with the kids because we know that they get bored at home. It so happened that on Sunday morning, we were all set to go somewhere and as usual, we had no idea where to go. My husband and I finally gave in to going to our ‘usual’ day time hangout and decided to google map the search term, ‘Animal Farm’ to get directions. Now we do this quiet often (no, really; we know the ‘suggestions’ off the top of our heads!) but on this particular Sunday, I saw a NEW suggestion pop up; Reptile City.