#makeyourmove during this month of love with closeup.

February is the month of love all around the world. We celebrate Valentines Day yearly, putting guys in a frenzy of what to buy their Valentine to ensure that they don’t end up sleeping on the couch! If you’re a fan of romantic comedies like I am, you would know that one of the cliché’s of any romance movie is the lead girl’s smile. Yep, her smile is something that people are supposed to fall in love with. Well, newsflash guys, us girls, also dig smiles!

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#BollytuneThursday with Kiran Kamath


Now this one is a favorite of my son’s from the time he was born. The song is quite contagious and even though it’s a mashup of the entire movie’s songs, it’s put together in such a way that makes you want to get up and dance. The mashup that I am referring to is none other than the “Humshakals Mashup” by DJ Kiran Kamath. When my daughter was born, this became one of her favorites too and while learning how to sit up properly, she was busy doing the moves to this song!

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#ThursdayTruths – Cheating Spouses


Cheating, okay wait, Adultery.. because that is the correct term right? Is said to be one of the main reasons for separations and divorce. The range of excuses from those who cheat range from boredom to just plain old curiosity. Apparently, nearly 1 in 5 married people will cheat on their spouse, with men being more likely to step out than woman. There are no real tell tale warning signs and while you may know that your spouse is cheating, without irrefutable proof they will just deny it continuously, sometimes turning it around on you and calling you crazy and insecure. A few signs that have been noticed include the following:

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#WisdomWednesday – For the victims of domestic violence – I got flowers today


I never took geography or history when I was in school, I could never read so many lines of text in one go but every now and then, we would get sent to the geography teacher’s class for a free period. I always sat in that class and looked up, on the wall behind the teacher’s desk. She had the most powerful poem stuck on that wall. A poem that stayed within my mind for the past 11 years! It is a dedication to all the victims and survivors of domestic violence.

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#MondayMelody with Bruno Mars



Found my husband singing along to this song the other day, personally, I’m not a fan but anyways, it gets to you after a while.

24K Magic is a song by Bruno Mars. The song won Record of the Year at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2018. Although I’m not a die hard Bruno Mars fan, I must admit that I commend his reasoning behind his 90s influenced music. He stated in an interview with Zane Lowe;

 “It’s what we want to bring to the table musically. You hear these ’90s influences on the whole album, really, but ’24K Magic’ is because of West Coast hip-hop: Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Suga Free…it was at a time when it was okay to party, to be flashy, to get on the dance floor.”

The video is all about Bruno having a party with his friends at a casino. The video was shot in Las Vegas with Bruno driving a cadillac.. I must commend his class as he eventually purchased the car in the video.

The song has been number 1 on various charts including the US Rhytmic charts. The song has received Gold, Platinum & Diamond certifications.

Go ahead, give this one a listen..