#makeyourmove during this month of love with closeup.

February is the month of love all around the world. We celebrate Valentines Day yearly, putting guys in a frenzy of what to buy their Valentine to ensure that they don’t end up sleeping on the couch! If you’re a fan of romantic comedies like I am, you would know that one of the cliché’s of any romance movie is the lead girl’s smile. Yep, her smile is something that people are supposed to fall in love with. Well, newsflash guys, us girls, also dig smiles!

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Teenagers gone viral


“I will hunt you down, I will f*ck you up & I will put you six feet under”, are the threats made by a teenage girl.

Oh my God, Evashen and Mishkah.. really?

Social media has been an amazing tool for businesses and family members to stay in touch with each other even though they are far away but as it evolved, it began to show its downfalls or are they our downfalls?

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She’s going to kill her child


Yep, did you see that lady in the mall the other day? She’s going to kill her child, that one; and then it’s going to be all over the news. The poor child, all he wanted was that sweet in the shop and did you see how she smacked him for his tantrum? Children need to be cared for not beaten.

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Dear Girl with the wide smile, I admire you – My Own Insecurities


I never smile widely in photos. It will be a rare occasion to catch a selfie of myself, all wide mouthed. I smile, yes, with my mouth closed, because well, my teeth aren’t perfectly straight. It’s strange how such a small thing can stop me from smiling widely, but it does. When I was growing up, it was all about the girl with the flawless, fair skin and perfect smile; sometimes I kinda think it still is about that. 

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TGE in partnership with Limpopo Tourism Agency showcases the beauty of Limpopo Province this Tourism Month


#TGEspring18 is set to usher in SA’s Tourism & Heritage month with a host of curated cultural experiences taking place from 06 September to 08 September in the majestic city of Venda. Numerous luxury travel activities with a local twist of cultural flavour are in store for the thousands of patrons that will flock to Venda to come and enjoy a momentous weekend of arts, culture, craft and music.