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My dear son – I wish you weren’t ill

When your child is sick, you feel like your entire world is sick! It may be just the ordinary flu, but it still hurts your heart to see your little one suffering in any way! My dear, sweet son, I wish you didn’t have to get sick…

My dear son,
You are not well. I know that you are feeling sick, weak and awful. I am sorry. I know that when you were sick that first night, you shivered through it. It felt like it was my fault, I am sorry. You probably couldn’t understand why we had to remove your clothes and put a fan on. My darling little man, it was only because we wanted your fever to cool down. It did and as soon as it did, you were covered and warm and cosy. Your tummy probably hurt and your nose and maybe even your head, I gave you medication in the hope that all your pain went away and I really prayed that it did. We took you to the doctor as soon as we could and your improvement makes my heart leap with joy.

You see my little one, when you suffer, so do I and when you hurt, I hurt too. It was just the flu, an ordinary illness that many people get every day, but you are not ordinary. You are special, you are my little boy, and that is why, your every sickness is terrifying for me. I know that you will get better and I am seeing the improvement in you as I type this, but I want you to know that I love you and I cannot bear to see you suffer with even the flu. Throughout your life, you will get cuts, bruises, scrapes and sicknesses just like this one; I want you to know my baby, that through all those things you can always count on me to get you strong and healthy again. You are loved, you are wonderful and you are amazing. You give me strength when I need it the most and I promise that I will always be there to do the same for you. I know you are already up and running around, asking me questions about every little thing and for me, as long as you are healthy and happy, I am happy.

Love you for eternity,
Your Mum

It has been a horrible couple of days at home; my son has not been well. He has been down with the flu. My home is always a chaotic mess of shouting, cries, laughs and toys, it may be crazy but when one of the kids is ill and things are quiet, you realise how important and special the usual noise is. I know it’s nothing serious, he is already up and about, playing and asking me questions about every move I make, but he is so little and when you see your little one sick, your heart hurts a lot and you immediately try to make them feel better. I know every mother feels this way, it is nothing special, but this is my experience and I thought it worthwhile to share.

One day, hopefully, my son will understand how much he means to me and how much I have tried over the years that would have gone by to protect him and keep him safe. Children are amazing and wonderful, they teach you that being a mother is about learning about the strength that you didn’t know you had and facing the fears that you didn’t know existed.

Happy Friday everyone!

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