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Featured Mom Blog – Life’s a treat

Let’s talk about Puveshree Moodie, the author from Life’s a treat – catchy name isn’t it? Life’s a treat is a parenting, food & lifestyle blog. 3 for the price of 1! Puveshree is mom to Mckenzie Rose (yep, I LOVE THAT NAME) and loving wife to Jason (her biggest fan!).

I had a look at Puveshree’s blog thinking that I would probably find the type of recipes that wouldn’t appeal to me and would take years to produce and perfect. Boy, was I wrong?!

Firstly, I found recipes to HEALTHY snacks – with my husband eating meat all the time, I felt that healthy stuff needed to be incorporated in our diet badly.
Secondly, my husband is the one that cooks the amazingly, tasty meals that we eat – yeah, I know, cool right? WRONG! It means as I mentioned above, that we generally only eat meat!. Puveshree’s blog features AWESOME vegan recipes that are healthy & damn easy to prepare. It’s like a dummie’s guide to creating cool, healthy food – yep, I’m refering to myself as the dummy here.
Thirdly, she’s posted some great and amazing snacks to enjoy while breastfeeding. These snacks provide great nutrients for yourself and your little one. To be honest, I actually tried the Melon Blueberry Smoothie Recipe even though my breast feeding days are long gone. Anywho, it was WONDERFUL. Go ahead and try it!

Puveshree has had a battle with gestational diabetes. This seems to be something that many women battle with in their pregnancies, however, being the strong willed woman that she is, she had a healthy pregnancy & gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (look at her baby pics from her smash cake shoot here) WITHOUT medication. By following a strict diet, she put on the necessary amount of weight required for a baby momma & then lost it again post partum. Her baby also entered this world with a wonderful weight for a mom with her condition. Puveshree’s pregnancy journey with GD was featured on SA Mom Blogs.

Apart from awesome recipes & healthy ideas, Puveshree takes the time to help women with things like breastfeeding and also tackles great topics like raising resillient children.



Take a look at my email interview with Puveshree!

Who is Puveshree?

I am a thirty something wife and mum who still troubles her amazing parents when she needs extra support and advice. My favourite pastime apart from spending time with my family is to create food recipes, taste test new foods on the market and shop online or at malls. I simply love grocery shopping and secretly wish one day I can make a career of it (not so much a secret once this is published). We love to travel and my favourite holiday destination for a relaxed holiday has to be the Maldives and for a city holiday has to be Bath in the UK.

I know you are a working mom, what do you do professionally?

I head up a team of credit risk analysts overseeing credit risk reporting for retail banking portfolios…in a nutshell we work with a lot of data and analytics.

Why are you blogging?

I am blogging in the hope that some of my experiences can help other. Blogging allows me to invest in my creative side, helps keep me in balance. Meeting amazing people in the process is an added bonus.

Being a working woman, a mom, a wife & a blogger must surely take up your time; how do you manage this?

I have the best support system, my entire family. Luckily, my husband is SUPERMAN and fills the role of nappy changer, bottle washer, dancing partner to our little girl, tea maker and foot massager to me. Makes the world of difference.

 How important is it to you to keep on blogging?

My love for blogging has increased with each post I do and person I meet within the blogging world. It’s become a significant part of my lifestyle that I enjoy nurturing. At this stage, I cannot vision life without planning my next blog.

Does your husband read your blog?

Yes, almost always the first to read the final post. He is the first to know what’s the next post as I can’t keep anything a secret from him.

What is his opinion of it?

He is my biggest fan (I think he shares this one with my mum 😉 )

Where have you decorated last (I read that you love decorating your home) and are you happy with your redecoration?

My last big project was my daughter’s nursery and I loved it. We have since moved house and I am currently working on a vision board for her room.

You mentioned that you love travelling, where is the most interesting place that you have been and why?

The most interesting place I have been to was the Maldives. The people are warm and authentic and the food is divine. No words can describe the beauty of the islands and sea life. Its paradise.

What message do you hope to send out to other women/moms?

Empower yourselves while living by your values. Always be authentic.

This blog is actually very informative regarding a healthier living & lifestyle. If you want to turn your life around today, you should definitely take a click down to Life’s a treat. And if you want to start creating a healthier lifestyle for your kids, this is the blog for you!

Here are a few other great reads from Puveshree’s blog –

Here are the links to find her:

Web: http://lifesatreat.co.za/
Instagram: puveshree_lifeatreat_za
Twitter: @lifesatreat_za

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