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{International Guest Post} 3 Self-Care Goals I’m Setting For Myself Right Now

Today’s post is a guest post by Sarah. A new mom, whose blog is created in the spirit of learning about new things. Sarah is a mom from San Antonio, Texas, USA. Yep! She’s an international mom and I have the great honour of featuring her guest post on my blog! Read on to find out more about the self care goals that she is setting for herself; I’m sure it will inspire you to to set some of your own!

3 Self-Care Goals I’m Setting For Myself Right Now

I’m not one for New Year’s goals. Instead, I’m all about quarterly goal-setting. As we enter the final quarter of the year (yeesh!), there are three things I want to get a head start on NOW. I’ve been giving myself a break on a lot of fronts because of new motherhood, returning to work after maternity leave, and a couple of scary curveballs thrown my way. But now it’s time to regroup, and here’s what I got planned in the final quarter of this year.

Daily Guided Meditation

This one’s a biggie. Ever since I discovered the Headspace app, I’ve been taking a little time to refocus myself when I’ve been feeling a bit wobbly. However, I have yet to bake it into my daily ritual. At first I would try in the mornings, but with an already challenging list of getting myself ready and making sure my baby eats her oatmeal before I go, it’s just one more thing I don’t feel like I can squeeze into my morning ritual.

I could kid myself and say I’m saving it for the end of the day, but we all know I’ll inevitably pass out in front of the TV on hubby’s lap before that happens. Where does that leave me? Re-engineering my morning routine, with my husband’s help with the baby. We talked it out and, as I’m writing this, I’m on Day 1. So far so good.

10,000K Steps A Day

This is one I’ve never, never, ever been able to accomplish no matter how hard I try. If I’m cognizant, I can usually make it to 5,000 steps a day. So how in the heck will I double this? I think I may already be on my way with my fussy baby, who needs to be constantly walked around for comfort. Now if only I could remember to keep my Fitbit charged and on my person at all times. I have no idea why this is so hard for me, but ever since the baby I’ve really struggled with it. (Must be the 9,999 other things I’m having to think about around the clock.).

Other ways I’ll get my steps in? Now that it’s getting cooler here in Texas, I can take her for walks in the stroller. I also can sneak in steps at work and the grocery store. I’m all about sneaking in exercise into my daily routine rather than making an appointment with the gym (which I will inevitably break). Since all goals are supposed to be realistic, I’m going to start by aiming for 5,000, with the hopes of hitting 10,000 a day comfortable by the end of the year.

80% Healthy Eating

I’m a huge fan of the 80/20 rule, and this is one I feel like I’m really close on. I typically eat healthy most meals of the week. That said, I’ve done nothing to quantify or set limits on those times that I don’t. So I fear this may be one of the cases where I think I’m doing great, but maybe I’m not going as great as I think I am. Starting with breakfast, my default is a wholesome flapjack bowl or egg scramble mug (with Greek yogurt on the side if I’m really hungry). If I stuck with that 80% of the time, that would mean only 1 day a week straying from my routine if, say, somebody brings breakfast tacos to work. Applying that same standard to lunch and dinner, as long as I default to healthy meals most of the time, there’s one lunch and one dinner a week where I could stray from the norm. This will require me to stick to my regular Sunday shopping trips and only bring home the healthy stuff. I feel like that’s totally doable.

Final Thoughts

Am I going to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year and be a completely Zenned out from here on out? Nope. Am I going to make some gradual health improvements that, if accumulated over time, could lead to some pretty significant health improvements? I think so.

Over to you – care to join me? Leave your Q4 self-care goals in the comments!

Well, there you have it – another GREAT post by another AWESOME mom! Btw, after reading this, I decided to set 3 Q4 Goals for myself:

  1. REINFORCE MY BED TIME ROUTINE – After my kids were born, my bedtime routine became non existent, however, I’ve decided to bring it back – NO MATTER HOW LATE IT IS!
  2. No more pjs! – Yep, I’m going to get dressed everyday as though I am not about to sit at home for the next thousand hours & as if I am not going to come close to pulling out my hair – even though I am close to doing this right now!
  3. ME TIME – Yep, even a couple of minutes to just enjoy a cup of tea will do!

About Sarah

Sarah is the writer (and brains) behind Baby Brain, a blog about baby gear and new mom life. Check out her recent post on best car seats for small cars. Finding ways to balance working mom life with new mommy life is another topic she enjoys blogging about. When she isn’t at her 9 to 5, she’s playing superhero with her baby girl, making bento boxes to take to work and geeking out on Game of Thrones with her husband.

Find Sarah here:

Web: https://thatbabybrain.com/
Twitter: @sbcastaneda
Pinterest: @thatbabybraincom

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