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Saving tips for Christmas

Welcome to a new week. A week full of possibilities and a week full of opportunities. Yes, I know that we are fast approaching the end of the year (seems like the beginning of it was just yesterday actually!) and while we’re all off making plans for the holidays and wondering what to buy our kids for Christmas, you have to admit that at the back of our minds, we are all worried about savings etc.

Life is not as simple as it was when you were a kid. You know, when you ask for a toy for Christmas and it magically appears there? Now, its your baby that is expecting the toy to magically appear at their feet on Christmas morning. As it now is your turn to make your little one’s eyes light up for Christmas, you realise that your parents must have worked a lot harder to give you an enjoyable holiday as well as your favorite gift and still be able to provide everything else that you generally need. Yes, take a moment to thank your parents for doing this for you. (Yep, mum & dad; thank you for giving me amazing holidays & every gift that I asked for!) .

I am not saying that you are battling to make ends meet, but no matter how much you have in life, you will always want to give your baby more!

Here are few money saving tips for the upcoming holiday:

  • Start saving NOW: Yes, although it may seem hopeless and like time is against you, you know what they say “Better late than never“.
  • Save your change: How many times do you or someone from your family go to the shop and receive loose change? Save it! It may just be a few rands and cents now but when collected, an extra hundred will definitely be a boost to your pocket.
  • Choose fun yet less expensive holiday activities: Although these may seem non existent, there are many things that you can do with your kids that do not cost an arm and a leg. A day at the beach does not have to cost you thousands of rands. I think a great thing to do, is pack up your stuff and go to the beach. Carry snacks from home, or even carry your food items and cook at the beach (but be sure to clean up after yourself). Parks, beaches and animal farms are affordable go-tos for kids.
  • Plan your activities: Planning allows you to create a reasonable budget that you can follow to save you money during your holiday. Agreed, not every activity is free to put in to your budget, activities like zoo’s, amusement parks, a movie or two so that in essence you are giving your little one the best of both worlds.
  • Narrow down your Christmas list: As much as we would love to play Santa for every little kid that we love, narrow it down to those that are ABSOLUTELY necessary.
  • Take advantage of pre holiday specials: You don’t HAVE to buy your Christmas gifts in December! Black Friday is on its way! Take advantage of the specials and discounts in the here and now, purchase and stow it away for Christmas. That way you have one less thing to worry about!
  • Use your phone: After having two kids, the easiest route for me is to have a look at the specials that stores have online first. That way I can view all discounts in one place without having to drag my kids (who will most definitely become annoyed) from shop to shop. I then plan out my shopping experience and just go to the shops that I need to be at, knowing EXACTLY what I want from there!
  • Sell stuff: Yep, sell that unwanted stuff that you have hoarded up in your cupboards. You know how this wonderful saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’
  • Re-budget: After creating your holiday budget, take another look at your household budget for the next few months. Take a look at what you can make room for, in order to have extra cash for the holidays.
  • Make extra NOW: Don’t wait for the slump to hit you. Find new ways to make more money right now instead of waiting to be penniless.
  • Check your loyalty points: As a member of Dischem/Clicks/PnP and many other stores. We accumulate points during the year that can be used to purchase something or the other at these stores. Make use of them where you can! It will save you a few pennies here and there!

I hope these tips help you, the way they have helped me!
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