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Great Washing Machine, Panasonic : For the love of your clothes, ladies!

Where have I been all these days? Well, I could tell you that I have been busy with work (which I have been & still am by the way!), but in order for me to get any work done, I have to make sure that my home is clean, my kids are their normal, happy & wild selves and that every other little, teeny weeny thing in the world is in it’s place! Well, Panasonic has decided to help out a little (in a big way!).

Ladies, really?? How many of you have a pile of washing staring you in the face RIGHT NOW?! Yep, I know that look that you’re giving to that ugly pile. I know that feeling you’re feeling too! Having two little ones (and one big guy that’s still a kid), washing is one of my very least favorite things to do. Especially, those horrible kiddie stains that refuse to come out unless washed by hand. And then, what about those clothes, that are our favorites and we would love to wear today but then the thought hits us, we ‘forgot‘(on purpose) to do that washing again yesterday!

Panasonic has managed to create a machine:

  • that is eco friendly (data sensors that detects the volume & temperature of the water supply to help you save water AND electricity) – Yes, thrifty wives, I know that was your selling point right there!)
  • gives your clothes what seems like a luxurious bath (foam lifts, high pressure, three separate compartments & spinning pulsator – sounds exactly like a queen’s bath)
  • a wide opening to ensure easy loading & unloading, with the control panel neatly placed & displayed.

Panasonic Infographic

Well, after taking a look at this, it’s DEFINITELY on my wish list for this Christmas! What about you?

Find out where you can get your hands on this amazing life saving machine here.
For news & updates check out Panasonic using the following:
Facebook: @PanasonicSouthAfrica
Twitter: @PanasonicSA
Youtube: PanasonicMiddleEast

PS. My apologies for being busy lately, maybe if I get this for Christmas, I could cut my washing time in half! (hint, hint husband; I know you’re reading!)


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