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{Guest Post} Harassed Mum – 5 Things to do in Pretoria on a budget

You’ve got to admit, strange image right? Considering that there is no beach in Pretoria, however there are so many other things to do there! With the holidays approaching, many of us are now consumed by saving every penny for the holidays. Although it is a time of fun in sun for most, parents are always trying to keep their kids happy while saving a few pennies. One of my favorite bloggers has been so kind as to guest post 5 things to do in Pretoria on a budget! Be sure to give this one a read & visit her blog as well!

5 Things to do in Pretoria on a budget

We are not going away for Christmas. We have decided to save money and stay at home for the festive season. It has been years since we have not gone anywhere but we are excited to be able to explore our city a little more. Our budget is tight, well almost non-existent so I have been looking for things that are either free or don’t cost a fortune.

We have a few parks located within walking distance of our house. All of them have jungle gyms but there is one with a swimming pool that is a firm favourite of ours. Zita Park is in Zita Street in Garsfontein and it promises hours of fun in the sun. The pool has a very shallow end, perfect for babies and a water slide for the older children. There is also a playground with a range of jungle gyms and swings. There is a small entrance fee of R5 per adult and I think children might even be free (it changes from day to day).

Zita Park.jpg

The Pretoria Zoo isn’t cheap but if you are smart, you can pack a picnic basket and spend the day slowly exploring the zoo. It is a nicer zoo than the Joburg one and does have a restaurant, but you can also take your own food in. It has some lovely grassed areas where you can lay out a blanket and let everyone catch their breath before you carry on walking around.

Faerie Glen Nature Reserve is a fun option if you have older children. They have a few hiking trails over the koppie and you can take your dog with. There is a bird hide for the bird lovers (or if you need a break). We have been there a few times and the kids have enjoyed it.

Historical sites. Pretoria is full of history, most of it is free to visit, some do have a minimal fee to enter. There is the Voortrekker Monument, the Union Buildings and Sammy Marks Museum and a few more.

Pretoria is also full of markets at all different times and days. There is the early morning Boere Mark, where you can get breakfast for next to nothing. The Cowhouse Market that always has things for the kids to do. The Hazelwood Market has been running for years as well and often has night markets which are lots of fun.
Do you live in Pretoria? Do you have any other hidden gems for us?


Well, there you have it, many great ideas for this holiday! I wish I lived on that side of the world, I’d definitely give the zoo a check out!

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