The Husband Series

The Husband Series – Mr & Mrs Dekel – Taryn

Our relationship is pretty much equal. We are roughly the same age, even though he likes to think he’s MUCH older, his birthday is less than a month before mine! We came together when we weren’t really looking for something but right away we knew we had something special. We laid down the ground rules right from the very beginning and it worked out well for us. Life isn’t always easy as a mixed raced couple but that’s outside influence which we’ve come to ignore. Our unit is solid.

1.         Tell me your love story.

My husband and I met at work. He walked into the warehouse and my heart started racing immediately. I just knew that I had to get on this guy’s radar. We will have the argument to this day but I definitely approached him first hahaha

2.       Who popped the question & how?

My husband popped the question on Blouberg beach after a nice day of shopping and eating. He totally gave it away though, because he kept asking me if I was having a great day and if everything was fine.

3.       What are those super awesome little things that you love about your hubby?

He remembers things that I like. He won’t remember ESSENTIAL info that I want him to, but every single flavour ice cream, every favourite meal, every pair of shoes I’ve ever had my eye on, he remembers it.

4.       Name a few things that you feel, that no one can do as good as your husband can?

Complaining to customer service. Hahaha he honestly becomes a different person. He makes customer service people do the impossible. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

5.       If you could thank your husband today, what would you thank him for?

I would thank him for allowing me to be crazy self and indulging my butterfly obsession.

6.       What annoying thing does he do that makes you want to kill him when he’s there but that you miss when he’s not around?

He falls asleep on the couch, snores and refuses to go sleep in bed, because he’s not tired, he’s resting his eyes. (watch me while I roll mine) but I miss him snoring when he works nightshift.

7.       If we could celebrate husband appreciation day, what would you let him do/do for him to let him know that you appreciate him?

Go to a chocolate making factory, or to a vape lounge.

8.       What are some of the things, that you simply cannot do without your husband?

I can’t really think of anything…I am very self-sufficient…wait…killing cockroaches hahaha

9.       What is the one thing you hate to do, that he does for you?

What can I say…the cockroaches. I can’t deal.

10.   Share with us a memory that was shared between the both of you, that has become an everlasting milestone?

Our wedding day. We organized it in 3weeks together, with no financial or other help from anyone. On the day it was super busy but we still found time to thank each other for our contributions towards making the day awesome.

11.   What is the most special thing that he has ever done for you or said to you?

When our daughter was about 3 or 4 years old…I’ll never forget…she was playing quietly and we were both watching her. He turned to me and said, this is all you. You made her beautiful, kind and sweet. I’m so glad I chose you to have children with.

12.   What are the words that are most frequently exchanged between you two?

We always say I love you. And just as much we say, stop doing that I’m going to kill you hahaha

13.   Do you have any special traditions? Eg. Valentines dinner etc

We don’t have a specific tradition but we do spend all of our free time together. We hate going to places without the other and always feel more comfortable being in each other’s company. Since we started dating we haven’t spent more than a week apart.

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