The Husband Series - Siers
The Husband Series

The Husband Series – Mr & Mrs Siers – Abieda – Crazy Mom Journal

Today, Abieda from Crazy Mom Journal is revealing her love story and the other little details, that make marrriage what it is.

  1. Tell me your love story.

It was the year 2006 and my bestie and I had decided to workout at the gym for the first time ever, I had no experience in working out, and just went because I had decided to be healthy for a change, little did I know that going to gym would be the start of something new, meeting my husband, Zahir. The moment I saw him I thought gosh this boy is handsome. I didn’t voice anything to my friend the entire time we were at the gym and me checking him out, until closer to the end of the workout session. I had my back turned to her and I just hear her say Zahir, I turn around and it was him, she knew him all along, she introduced us and that was it for the day… The next Monday, I got an email from her saying that he wanted my number. We started chatting and getting to know each other. Speaking to him was easy and he made me laugh. Very quickly we decided that being friends wasn’t an option but rather that we wanted to be more. After we had officially started dating, and it felt like a world wind because I didn’t know that love could be so amazing. In 2009, with a small and intimate gathering we made a promise to each other…..  

Our relationship started out as a world wind but we manage to hold it together by always having each other’s back. We love hard and play hard. We like spending time together but give each other the space to have me time and relax. We have the same beliefs and parenting style, but I think I’m more the one who ensures that the day to day routine is adhered to and that the children get their homework done; I put them to bed and read them a bedtime story. He is great with the kids and often takes them on outings like the park or to swim in the ocean. He mostly gives me time to myself by taking the girls and baby out. Bless him! He is quite comfortable looking after them when I’m busy or out shopping.

  1. Who popped the question & how?

It wasn’t anything crazy, we were at his parents’ house, and he asked me to come closer because he wanted to ask me something….

  1. What are those super awesome little things that you love about your hubby?

His funny and his always making me laugh. He teases a lot and sometimes he makes these stupid jokes that only he will think are funny, it’s so ridiculous that I have to laugh. He can be sweet and very romantic, although it’s been a while.

  1. Name a few things that you feel, that no one can do as good as your husband can?

This is a tough one I think he is our rock, he has the skills to bring people together, and he is super friendly and makes people feel comfortable especially in awkward situations and he is the life of the party.

  1. If you could thank your husband today, what would you thank him for?

I thank him all the time for making sure that we (his family) is taken care of, financially and by providing for us. For always making us feel protected and safe. He gives these big bear hugs.

  1. What annoying thing does he do that makes you want to kill him when he’s there but that you miss when he’s not around?

Throwing his clothes everywhere, drives me nuts. But I can’t imagine my life without him.

  1. If we could celebrate husband appreciation day, what would you let him do/do for him to let him know that you appreciate him?

Treat him to a spa day, just to relax and unwind.

  1. What are some of the things that you simply cannot do without your husband?

Travel to work, I freaking hate driving to work alone. I like that he is my travel buddy.

  1. What is the one thing you hate to do, that he does for you?

Take out the trash; I simply refuse to do it.

  1. Share with us a memory that was shared between the both of you that has become an everlasting milestone?
  • Our wedding day, part of our love story is in this post (you can read about it here )
  • The births of our kids and recovery (you can read about it here  and here )
  • Purchasing our home
  • Vacationing to Thailand (you can read about it )
  1. What is the most special thing that he has ever done for you or said to you?

I don’t think he has a specific thing that he has done or said to me, he shows me constantly that he loves me, he spoils me on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. We make a big deal on special occasions because we are not always be the means to spoil each other every day.

  1. What are the words that are most frequently exchanged between you two?

We speak about our plans as a family a lot, always making plans to enrich our lives so that we can live comfortably and have everything that we need. Our kids can have everything we didn’t have, and work towards big goals like building our dream home, or buying the car that Zahir has always wanted, putting our kids through school and college.

  1. Do you have any special traditions? E.g. Valentines dinner etc.

We have changed up Valentine’s Day a bit, we now mostly spend it with our children, like maybe a picnic or supper together, but wedding anniversaries and birthdays are big traditions we like to keep up with and celebrate.

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