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Aahh.. this one’s from Nadia Grabriel from the Non Adventures of a Stay at home Mum. I am Nadia’s fan (she already knows this!) and am lucky enough to have her answer a few questions on the blog today. Read about Nadia’s DREAM PROPOSAL… Trust me, it’s going to knock you off your feet!

  1. Tell me about your love story

Jarrod and I went to the same high school. We were in different classes but shared the same Math class. Funnily enough, we sat next to each other (with an aisle in between) for a year or two and never spoke. He was in a super serious relationship with the smartest girl in school and I was still reading teen romances 😜 It was actually his devotion to his girlfriend that made me notice him. Coming from a relatively conservative Indian background, having a boyfriend or girlfriend in school was pretty much a sin. Yet he was openly affectionate and supportive towards her. I even remember telling my best friend that I wanted one of that (‘that’ being a devoted boyfriend 😂) in reference to him, not knowing that I would eventually get EXACTLY what I asked for! 

As many relationships do, his came to an abrupt end when his girlfriend moved to Jhb for varsity. We started hanging out at campus thanks to mutual friends and became really close. He saw me as his best friend and I saw him as the love of my life. Not an ideal situation but I wanted him however I could have him. Poor me, I became the rebound girl. I didn’t mind though because I fell hard and fast in love with him. I had never known anyone as intense, intelligent or caring. 

These kinds of situations rarely last forever though and I eventually couldn’t take the one sidedness of our ‘relationship’. One December break, I got a part time job and met someone who really fell hard for me. He came without any emotional baggage and I decided it was time to end my unhealthy obsession with Jarrod and try to find love elsewhere. 

The first day back at campus I let him know that I was ending things between us and would you believe it, he had psyched himself up to tell me that he loved me 🙈 So that happened. Well, I couldn’t pass up the chance of making us work so my holiday romance got ditched and I gave my best friend the chance to be so much more. That was fifteen years ago and the best decision of my life. 

  1. Who popped the question & how?

He did! And how!

I was at work on some random day (I’m horrible with dates) when he messaged to say that he had tickets to Madame Zingara for that night. Yay! I was really excited because I hadn’t been before and had heard fantastic things about the show. So that evening (or was it that weekend…I can’t remember) he fetched me from home and we headed off to Suncoast, both dressed pretty casually in jeans. On the way he said he needed to make a quick stop at the hotel to fetch the tickets from his friend who worked there. 

When we arrived at the hotel his friend was waiting for us and we chatted a bit before Jarrod said he quickly needed to run to the loo before we left. I was going through the small talk motions with his friend when Jarrod came back completely transformed! He was in a suit and tie and I just knew things were going to get exciting! He had booked out the entire VIP section of Suncoast hotel for us for the evening!

We sat at our table and he made me promise not to ask any questions and spoil things (I’m terribly curious and impatient 😂). There was a bottle of champagne waiting for us and after we placed our order he suggested I ‘freshen up’ in the ladies room. I wasn’t too flattered by that, haha!, but didn’t want to break the rules and ask questions so off I went to the Ladies room.

When I walked in, I saw my favourite black dress hanging there with a pair of heels, jewelry and my makeup bag. I even found my Trim and Lift in the bag 😂😂) He had brought everything so that I wouldn’t feel underdressed. (Side note: He is still the most thoughtful person I have ever met) I changed into my new clothes and headed back to the table grinning like a crazy person. 

When I got back he gave me a fortune cookie. When I broke it open it said ‘Hey Nadia Govender, how about being Nadia Gabriel?’ Cue the waterworks!!! Then he went on one knee and opened up the box with my ring inside. Of course I said Yes! I know that he had a speech prepared but I can’t for the life of me remember what he said. My head was swimming and I was so excited!!! 

I couldn’t wait to tell my family but Jarrod asked me not to because he wanted to keep the evening as just us and not me on my phone replying to a million messages. I was sad that I couldn’t share the happy news but how could I say no. I figured I would tell my parents and sister as soon as I got back home. Buuuuuut I couldn’t take it and begged him to let me tell them and eventually he agreed. It somehow only felt real once I had told my family. 

A few hours later Jarrod dropped me off at home and I raced inside only to find everyone asleep. Was I ever mad! I had gotten engaged and they didn’t even stay up to congratulate me! Grump! I went to bed both exceedingly happy and irritable 😂

The next morning I woke up and my ENTIRE room was covered in sunflowers (my favourite flower)!!! There were silver buckets of sunflowers on my floor, the countertops, my table…everywhere! My dad was taking pics and I was so thoroughly confused but amazed. Turns out, the night before Jarrod had told my parents and sister to act like they were sleeping so that I would go straight to bed. He pretended to leave but actually came back into the yard and waited for me to fall asleep. Then my sister let him inside and he set up all the flowers in my room while I was out cold. The flowers had been in the garage from when he had dropped it off earlier in the day and I had no idea! He must have only went home at 2am that morning. It was the most beautiful engagement I could have ever hoped for.

  1. Name a few things that you feel, that no one can do as good as your husband can?

No one can:

– make me laugh like my husband can. I literally cry with laughter. He gets my offbeat sense of humor and knows how to trigger it.

– make my heart race like he can.

– cook like he can! Jarrod hardly cooks these days because of time constraints but he has made some amazing meals. He even made bacon and eggs ice cream once! It was beyond amazing!

– love me like he does. He is the most intense person ever. He loves me to the point of obsession which is exactly what the romantic in me always wanted.

  1. What annoying thing does he do that makes you want to kill him when he’s there but that you miss when he’s not around?

He talks. A lot. Like a lot a lot! It’s one of his most obvious characteristics. His mind goes at a million miles an hour and is full of information about every topic under the sun. There have been numerous times when I have nodded off in the middle of a conversation because his voice is so calming to me much to his consternation 😂 It can be a bit much at times especially because I’m not much of a talker myself but when he’s not there the house feels too quiet and I feel as if a part of me is missing. Then we end up talking on WhatsApp to fill the gap.

  1. What is the most special thing that he has ever done for you or said to you?

The most special thing would have to be giving me our two girls. Both pregnancies were instigated by me feeling my biological clock ticking away and I may have pressured/guilted him into having our kids when we did. But I have no regrets and neither does he. If pregnancy wasn’t such a horror show and babies weren’t so exhausting I would love to have more of his beautiful babies! But I’m not a crazy person so this shop is closed 😂😂

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