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My husband – The Critic 

Recently I read a very disheartening post on a very popular social media site. A woman posted that she was feeling very disheartened because her husband has been laughing at her attempts to work on her blog. He called her silly for staging pictures for her blog etc. It may not sound as awful as you think, but if you’re a blogger, you would know that to be successful at blogging, you have got to put in a lot of time and effort, especially if you ever hope of receiving an income from your blog. 

Now, lets be honest here. While we say that people’s opinions don’t matter, you and I both know that there are some opinions that matter ALOT. So when we are constantly discouraged by someone whose opinion matters a whole damn much, we tend to lose focus, get disheartened,  lose hope and even give up!

To be honest, when I write blog posts like these, I run them by my husband first. I read them to him, take his opinion into consideration and run the changes by him. Don’t be under the assumption that he does a little song and dance and whispers the negatives sweetly in my ear. Oh no, he will tell me what he doesn’t like with bare honesty, even if it’s something that I don’t like and as harsh as it may sound.

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It doesn’t mean that I resent him for that or that I hate his input. I love his input because he is looking at my post from the eyes of a consumer, a reader and most importantly, my potential audience. I don’t snap at him or get upset for any change that he suggests because after all, he is my reader in this instance and not my husband.

I had a slider on my blog recently, I really liked that slider. Its purpose was to attract readers to other articles that I thought would interest them. I thought that slider was awesome. I happened to be showing my husband something on the blog one day, I was telling him that I was so happy with the way my blog looked and how I loved the pink everywhere.

He had a look at it and then he said to me that he didn’t like that ‘thing’ and it discourages him from looking at my blog. Still in shock (and slightly heartbroken) I made sure that the ‘thing’ that he was referring to was actually that amazing slider that I loved and then…

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I took it down.

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Yep, I said goodbye to it, just like that. I didn’t feel bad at the suggestion though because his critique was coming from a good place. He was honest and who knows, perhaps other readers felt that way too!

My advice to those that have been discouraged by someone important to them, is to explain that you are blogging for whatever reason that is close to your heart and you need their support. Explain to them that discouraging you will only make you unhappy and if you’re unhappy, you aren’t going to be the best person to be around resulting in everyone around you being unhappy. If they refuse to listen, then just IGNORE them. Yep, ignore them and why? Because if you meant as much to this person as this person means to you, they would respect your request and support you along the way.

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Also, if someone is giving you pointers or even suggestions on your blog; decide whether it’s coming from a good place and if it is, don’t take offence to it. This is called constructive criticism and is good for your growth. At least consider the advice you’re receiving, it could be helpful!

If you are the other half or close companion of someone that is blogging and trying to make a name for themselves, PLEASE support them. You can help by being there and encouraging the person. Having a good support system is not only good for blogging but for every aspect of life. Be the star supporter of someones support system and enjoy the satisfactionof helping another person grow from strength to strength.

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Simone Gobin is a 24 year old, it graduate, wife to Avi and mother to Yash & Ralee Gobin. She spends her days being a mother and a wife. She has decided to start a blog as a creative outlet as well as connect with other parents. Her belief is that there is a lot to learn from other parents out there and she welcomes all advice possible.


  • Diana Studer

    Most of my blog posts I run by my husband – to pick up typos. I see what I have been planning to write for days, not the actual typo.

    But – calling her silly for staging photos, is undermining.

    • Simone

      Although we are independent everyone needs a little support from their other half here and there. After all, they are our closest companions. The way women are expected to support their men, men should be expected to support their wives as well.

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