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#LifehackMonday : 5 Money Saving Tips

The 25th has graced us all, it also has already come and gone. Here are 5 money saving life hacks this morning. Give some of them a try.

Lifehack #1

Keep large notes in your wallet. The psychology behind this is simple, because you are not using a card, you are ‘seeing’ how much you are spending. Keeping large notes in your wallet will make you reluctant to ‘break’ it into change.


Lifehack #2

Hand lotion is cheaper than night cream and often contains the same ingredients.

Happy  girl applying cream

Lifehack #3

If you’re looking for a flight online, clear your cache browser and your history. Airline companies show you higher prices based on what you are looking for thanks to your browser cache and history.

Laptop key showing the word "book flight", in blue color.

Lifehack #4

Coupon! Try wuhu & snapnsave. There are some amazingly good deals and you will definitely come out saving.


Lifehack #5

Meal plan. Meal planning can save you loads of money. Check out what you have, plan your meals and then go online or checkout your local grocery store pamphlets for specials. Shop accordingly. This will save you from buying unnecessary things that may just go to waste.


Do you have any money saving life hacks that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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