Today’s #fridayBackTrack is an absolute *favorite* of mine, #Beautiful by Mariah Carey & Miguel.

#Beautiful was released in May 2013 but it was kept secret that Mariah & Miguel had collaborated together until Mariah revealed the title in a 25 second teaser video on American idol. The video for #Beautiful was also premiered on Idol after which Mariah uploaded an alternate version to her VEVO account.

There are 5 remixes to the song:

  1. #Beautiful – featuring rapper A$AP Rocky
  • #Hermosa – the spanglish version
  • #Beautiful – Dance Remix by Louie Vega
  • #Beautiful – featuring Young Jeezy with a reworked beat & new vocals
  • #Beautiful – another dance remix by Sidney Samson

Music Video

The video is a very simple one. Mariah is in a little yellow dress and jumps on Miguel’s bike. Mariah dances around, moving in only a way that only Mariah can. While shes doing her thing, the headlights of Miguel’s bike illuminates her and he is dazzled by her beauty.

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