#LifehackMonday : Life Tips Fo’ Real

Mondays?!?! Why oh why is it Monday? Every Monday requires a lifehack, I’m currently making use of number 1! Check it out!

Lifehack #1

When you have a cold, attach an empty tissue box to a full tissue box. That way you can dispose of your dirty tissues with ease.

Lifehack #2

Grape juice can be used to relieve severe migraines.

Lifehack #3

How to remove permanent marker from anything:

Clothes – Use hand sanitizer

Walls – Use toothpaste or hairspray

Wood – Use rubbing alcohol

Carpet – Use white vinegar

Furniture – use milk

White board – use a rubber eraser for pencils

Ceramic or glass – Use 1 part toothpaste with 1 part baking soda

Lifehack #4

Use a sticky note to clean in between your keyboard keys. Use the sticky side to get through the dirt between your keys.

Lifehack #5

Feel that you’re over eating? Try using a smaller plate. Trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating a lot by using a smaller plate so that your food looks a lot but isn’t really.

Do you have any hacks that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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