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I let my husband cut my hair & now I look like this

So it’s been crazy ever since the Easter weekend. I don’t know how it happens or even why it happens, but once we get to Durban it just gets crazy. The kids go crazy, we end up driving here, there and everywhere, trying to balance our entire family’s feelings by attempting to meet them all. Don’t ask me why we don’t have a family gathering, just don’t. Because honestly, it would be so much easier that way. Yeah I know it seems a little selfish, but can you imagine us with our little one’s driving up and down to see everyone? We drive through Mayville, Isipingo, Chatsworth, Phoenix & Verulam; all within the time space of 2 days. It’s insane!

So anyway, we got to Durban and  my husband treated me to a great spa experience although I will never go back to the spa again! After the wonderful but tiring weekend, we returned to the heat of Richards Bay and well, the heat is something I just couldn’t take. After dealing with the heat and complaining about my long hair for the longest time ever (I can’t visit a salon because my daughter would not stay without me!), I asked my husband to cut my hair. Woah.. right? Did your heart skip a beat there? Yeah.. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I asked him to do it and you know what he replied? Okay, bring the scissors.

Now many of you already know where this story is going. Armed with a kitchen scissors and comb, my husband decided to chop off my hair. Chop? Yes, chop. I kid you not my friends, my hair was chopped. The moment I felt that first chop of the scissors, I knew that I had done the most insane thing! (Why it had not occurred to me BEFORE I had opened my mouth, I don’t know!) In fact, thinking about it now, I blame the heat for messing with my head and thinking that my husband would somehow magically turn into a hairdresser.

So a few more vicious chops later and a look in the mirror left me in tears, mourning the loss of my beautiful, beautiful straight hair. Needless to say, I received chocolates and ice cream immediately although it couldn’t make up for the fact that I would now have to spend the next year locked up in my home in Richards Bay with my uneven sort off bob hair.

When I could deal with it though, I neatened it up a bit and here is what I look like now. I must say that it’s grown on me now and I can look in the mirror again although you won’t see me posting any selfies apart from this one any time soon!

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