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The Amazing Decorex Durban 2018

By Zama Khumalo:

The Decorex always brings in an atmosphere of elegance, class and creativity. This year was certainly as no different. Scores of brilliant presentations by the various exhibitors, showed that they took their time and dedication, towards their projects. It cannot be denied that the talent in Durban, is authentic and extremely versatile. I will share the highlights that struck out during the duration of the Decorex.

Art Gallery

One of the many things that get overlooked in Durban is art. We have many talented artists that can be able to take a simple concept and turn it into a master piece. Browsing through the several art gallery stands, it was amazing to see the different art pieces that artists have come up with, too beautiful in fact. The art piece that struck out was one done by Voir Fine Gallery, located in Sable Hills. It was a painting of a King on a donkey and the sad background story. It captured my attention because it revealed a human nature flaw that exists in quite a lot of us, materialism may exist but how long does it maintain your happiness? The gallery represents prestigious top artists such as Frances Schandera- Duarte, Everett Duarte and many more.

Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly, is a major issue that quite a lot of exhibitors were focused on. From a lamp to a room design, exhibitors wanted to instil to onlookers, that not harming the environment should always be priority. One machine that sparked an interest and was highly impressive, was the Smith Power – Lawn Mower. The remarkable Lawnmower is extremely efficient and changes the way in which you view lawnmowers. It comes with neat features, such as that it can fold in sections, whereby you can place it anywhere in your household. It runs on battery and weighs 26kg, which means it will be easy to carry wherever you need it.


It was quite a hard task to stick out to one décor stand, which speaks to the need of the customer. Each stand was different but exquisite in their own way. However, there was one distinct stand that definitely made you pay attention to it; this was ‘Functions for Africa”. Basking in fabulosity, event decor hire company “Functions for Africa” do their décor for high events and have been featured on Top Billing. From the table setting, to the wall, each piece has been carefully selected, to suit the needs of the customer. They pay great attention to detail. If you are planning your wedding or birthday dinner, they will do their upmost best to ensure, that the décor at your event becomes a dream come true.

VIP Photo Booth

The best invention that I absolutely adored, would be the VIP Photo Booth. The camera takes the upmost breath-taking and quality pictures, you can be alone or you can be with your loved ones. It can be used at any function, at any time and will still provide great photos. The photo booth also ensures that your memories last a lifetime, as you can also email your pictures to yourself.

The Decorex has definitely set such an important standard for those, who aspire to have home, that is beautiful but able to stand out amongst the crowd. Definitely returning next year to be more inspired and more motivated to having a stunning environment to a place you can call “Home”.

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