#LifehackMonday : Blogging lifehacks

Yep, here’s to Monday; gracing us all too quickly after the very short weekend! Here are 5 Blogging lifehacks that you could use today!

Lifehack #1

Record every thought! I currently do this. My greatest blog post ideas suddenly appear to me out of nowhere in the shower, while washing dishes or even while changing a dirty diaper!

I’ve now made it a habit to note down all my ideas as soon as possible (even if it means recording myself!).  This saves me loads on the days that I don’t have a post scheduled. I know that I can just grab an idea from there and continue writing a post.

Lifehack #2

It appeals to readers, making your posts more shareable.

Lifehack #3

Use headings that envoke emotions. It has been proven that posts with a more emotional headline will get a read than those without.

Here’s a tool that will help you with emotional value: 



Lifehack #4

Share your story MORE than once! Sometimes, after we hit publish, it’s the last we ever see that post. SHARE your post more often and using scheduling options. I’m using Social Pilot & I love it!

On publish – Social messages publish when your blog posts go live.
Same day – Initial social messages trickle out to your accounts throughout the next 2–3 hours.
Next day – Messages are shared again on the appropriate social channels.
Next week – Another series of messages are pre-scheduled and sent the following week.
Next month – More social messages are pre-scheduled for the following month. This is especially important for evergreen content.
Next _____ – Additional messages can optionally be scheduled for the three-month mark or beyond.

(adapted from problogger.com)

Lifehack #5

This is a real problem for some of the older bloggers. PLEASE ensure that your blog theme is responsive okay??? Nothing puts me off faster than viewing a website that is not mobile friendly!

Do you have any hacks that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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