Okay, so don’t think I’m a fan of this whole swearing scene because I’m not but really, find me a song with a catchy beat that doesn’t point to anything derogatory (and no, Ed Sheeran doesn’t count!) Actually, now that I think about it, I challenge a rapper to rap without vulgarity (vulgarity also refers to anything that so much as hints at sex or any private body parts!) But anyway, the sweary song with the catchy beat is none other than Tempo by Chris Brown.

“Tempo”, is the 9th song of Chris Brown’s 8th studio album, “Heartbreak on a full moon”. The video is set in a somewhat “serene” neighbourhood in which Chris Brown’s sort off “ship” floats into. The characters are somewhat familiar to viewer including an Alice In Wonderland sort off, Mad Hatter, a Stanley Ipkiss from The Mask and a zombie baseball player inspired by The Warriors. His crew and himself are obviously the bandits that are coming to steal from this upperclass neighbourhood. The video is a little strange but the dance moves from Chris and crew make you forget about all that, making the video somewhat addictive.

If you minus the vulgarity and the looney tunes in the video, I think you might like this one!


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