#AppReviewTuesday – ABSA Banking App

So today’s app is a banking app; ABSA’s banking app. The app is straight forward, simple to understand and PACKED with features. So let’s dive in:

Upon first use, you need to input the following:

  • Bank Card Number
  • Account Number
  • Digital Pin Code
  • Passcode

ABSA’s banking app packs a powerful punch with the following features:

  • 2-factor authentication to verify transactions made on Absa online and other ABSA channels.
  • View your account balances and transaction history.
  • Download statements.
  • Share your account details – Select the relevant account & share your details via whatsapp/sms/email from right within the app!
  • Pay, add and manage your beneficiaries.
  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Buy prepaid airtime, mobile data and SMS bundles.
  • Buy prepaid electricity.
  • Use CashSend to send money to anyone (including yourself) via an ABSA ATM.
  • View and update your transaction limits.
  • Redeem ABSA Rewards with ease

With the app update you can now also download STAMPED statements and instead of inputting a digital pin, you can simply unlock with your thumbprint, cool huh? You’re also able to stop debits from within the app.

My husband loves this app and says to me that he simply cannot do without it! Once the upgrade took place, the app takes a little more time to load and an ad or two popped up for a while. According to my husband, he is very impressed with ABSA as he says when they say they have updated their app, they REALLY do. They add on great features and do not just do minor bug fixes. He doesn’t mind the app loading time as he understands the feature upgrade, however having ads in a banking app lowers the trust score a little bit.

I’ve also noticed that ABSA provides great customer feedback to any user that requires help or encounters any problem while using the app. All you’ve got to do is register your complaint on the app store and an ABSA Consultant gets in contact with you!

App Rating: 10/10

*Please note that this review was NOT a paid for review & the opinions expressed within the above contents is purely based on our current experiences with ABSA.

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