#FridayBackTrack – This Tamia song though

Do you remember when you were really small and the concept of love was something magical? Okay, okay, not everyone believed that, I know but still. This song will take you back to the days BEFORE actually having intense relationships, before making big life changing decision and way back to the time that life was only about being shy when you saw the boy that you liked accross the room, look at you. Yeah, I’m talking about ‘So Into You’ by Tamia ..



The song sung by Tamia herself is beautiful although when mixed with Fabolous lending his vocals to the song adds in that bit of thug loving that the song needed. After years of listening to this song, I only found out today that this song was released with Ashanti providing vocals as well! The song never reached number 1 on any major charts, only coming in at number 4.

Take a look at the video and go back into time. I’m sure you’re going to feel a bit happy inside after taking a listen.

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