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How being a Work from home mom worked out for me!

Childcare.. an oh so necessary thing if you are a work from home mom, or just generally a working mom. Childcare may be cheap for some in South Africa but for others, an extra R2000 a month is a really deep cut for their monthly expenses. My family consists of four people, the creches in our area charge roughly about R3000 a kid, we are also a small startup business, do you think R6000 a month is fair on us for quality child care? I don’t think so and I know many other parents out there would agree! Now, when you go to family gatherings, you listen to how creche has taught children many things like how to count, alphabets etc. You then feel a little crappy because you perhaps can’t afford to put your kid in some fancy creche in which they use new era techniques to teach your child. But do you think that our parents could afford creches? Do you think that there were many creches back in the day? I don’t think so. I for one, have never been to creche!

So what did I do? I created a learning center. Over the next few weeks, I will share with you our journey within this center. Our learning center cost less than a R1000, was set up in minutes and proved to be beneficial immediately!

I purchased the following for each of my kids:

  • Numbers puzzle
  • Alphabets puzzle
  • Colouring books
  • Educational books (Join the dots to make an alphabet/Differentiate between pictures, A is for Apple books)
  • Story books
  • Crayons
  • Paint Sets
  • Pencils
  • Rulers

I also got a white board and we have two mini tables and chairs set up in the room. My two year old enjoys colouring and drawing while I teach my 3 year old alphabets, words, emergency numbers etc. We are having great fun! The kids actually request to ‘go to school’ and they are kept busy while I concentrate on some work as well.

A basic day schedule for the work from home mom with no helper (like me):

  • Morning housework
  • Tend to the kids
  • School
  • Snacks
  • Baths & Naps (Work while the kids nap)
  • Snacks again
  • Independent play Activities (You can work while the kids play)
  • Clean ups & Supper
  • Bedtime story & sleep (You can work while they sleep)

What do you think of the idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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Simone Gobin is a 24 year old, it graduate, wife to Avi and mother to Yash & Ralee Gobin. She spends her days being a mother and a wife. She has decided to start a blog as a creative outlet as well as connect with other parents. Her belief is that there is a lot to learn from other parents out there and she welcomes all advice possible.


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      A friend of mine is a teacher and provided me with basic guidelines of what preschoolers are being taught. I thereafter looked for activities that would sort of ‘build’ the childrens mind up, in preparation for a preschool syllabus (if that makes sense) 🙈

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