#ThursdayTruths : #JusticeForSadia

Sadia Sukhraj, a nine year old little girl, was killed, no, she was murdered in a hijacking gone wrong. She was taken along by the hijackers in her fathers car and was shot in the stomach. She later passed away in Chatsmed Hospital.

My husband and I were talking this morning about an article that he had just read on the net. Within the article was news of the hijacker and murderer’s appearance in court. The murderer (as he should be addressed) was requesting to be transferred to Westville prison due to him not wanting to sleep on the floor in his current holding cell at Durban Central Police station.

It is unbelievable that someone can murder a 9 year old child and show no remorse, no regret and no sadness whatsoever. The murderer stands tall, shakes his head and clicks his tongue in court as though the world owes him something, I hope that he knows that he is lucky, blessed even to be in prison. If he was handed over to the public, then only would he feel the true consequences of his crime.

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I don’t believe that he should be in prison, I believe that he should be handed over to the community. An innocent girl is gone forever. No amount of wealth can take away the grief of losing a child. No amount of anything can fill the void of losing a child. A little human, who only experienced 9 little years of living on this earth was killed by a man who I can only describe as heartless, soul less and demon like.

All we can do now, is send prayers, love, hope and strength to the parents of Sadia Sukhraj. Nothing can replace their princess, nothing can give back to them what they have lost but there will come a day in this life where Sadia will get justice because as a community, we are united in getting justice for beautiful Sadia.

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I found some great tips here on what to do when in a hijack situation.

Be safe everyone.


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