In a class of their own – Diageo World Class Regional Finals

By: Zama Khumalo

The atmosphere is tense, pens swiftly being jotted down to paper as scores are tallied up, various eyes are focused on the creator and creation, the display of the creation is immaculate yet one can sense that the nerves were on a high as contestants were performing at their ultimate best to impress the judges and the audience, at the World Class competition. The event was on the lookout for the best Cocktail Mixer in South Africa, it took place at the relaxed and amazing popular eatery “Station 43”, located at Station Drive. The venue hosted the regional finals for the competition.

The World Class competition comprised of two sessions. The first half of the competition would showcase contestants infusing their drinks with the luxurious Gin brand, Tanqueray and the second session they would use the sophisticated Tequila brand, Don Julio. As there were ten contestants in total, the most intriguing element from the competition was that there was only one lady competing. Each contestant ensured that their fantastic presentation, would be impressive to all those that viewed their creation. Detailing each ingredient they utilised in their specialised drinks, trying to seal the deal for their sweet victory.

Contestants coming from all walks of life in South Africa represented their places of work. This was definitely a spectacular event to be a part of, seeing as the contestants showcased their skills and competed over the title of being named “South Africa’s Best Cocktail Mixer”. Not an easy task to handle but definitely a worthy title to possess.

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