#WisdomWednesday – When the unexpected happens

Sometimes shit happens. No seriously, it does. You can’t always be prepared for the things that life throws at you and trust me some day or the other, life is going throw something hectic shit at you. So the only advice that I can give you (and anyone else will too) is to roll with it.  I know you’ve heard that saying, roll with the punches, thats exactly what you gotta do!

Step 1:


No, okay, don’t drop but do stop. Just stop for a moment and breathe. Give yourself a second to process the situation. Sometimes you just need a moment of clarity. So after your initial melt down, just stop, sit down or take a walk outside. Clear your mind and think calmly about your situation.

Step 2:


If you are going to keep a glum, negative attitude; nothing’s going to work out for you anyway so you rather just throw in the towel right now. But if you can calm yourself and change your attitude from ‘I CAN’T’ to ‘I CAN”, trust me, its going to make the world of difference. It’s hard enough when others put you down, imagine how difficult it will be when you, yourself are the one you have to fight against. A battle fought against yourself can never be won.

Step 3:


So now that you know about this unexpected thing, think of a solution or way forward. Map out one way & then map out the back up plan. Why? Because as you’ve just found out, the unexpected can happen!

Step 4:


So now that you’ve calmed down, changed your mindset and made a plan, well two plans, it’s time to emotionally detach. Take a step back from your situation, assess your plan and advise yourself as a third person.

Step 5:


After finding a plan of action, just begin to move on with life as normal while integrating your plan. Life doesn’t stand still because of the unexpected, you’ve got to learn to get on with life no matter what hits you.


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Simone Gobin is a 24 year old, it graduate, wife to Avi and mother to Yash & Ralee Gobin. She spends her days being a mother and a wife. She has decided to start a blog as a creative outlet as well as connect with other parents. Her belief is that there is a lot to learn from other parents out there and she welcomes all advice possible.

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