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Teenagers gone viral

“I will hunt you down, I will f*ck you up & I will put you six feet under”, are the threats made by a teenage girl.

Oh my God, Evashen and Mishkah.. really?

Social media has been an amazing tool for businesses and family members to stay in touch with each other even though they are far away but as it evolved, it began to show its downfalls or are they our downfalls?

Do you remember MXit? It was probably the biggest craze back when I was growing up. Data wasn’t a seperate thing that you had to buy, once you had airtime, you were in the game.

MXit was great, it allowed people to chat and as it evolved, it allowed the saving of messages, sending of images, entering group chats and chatrooms. And from there, it all went South.

With the birth of new social technology, came more news of cyber stalkers, kids chatting to the wrong type of crowd etc. But now that everyone was used to this new and simple way of keeping in touch, they weren’t going to simply let go because of a few horror stories.

Enter BBM, 2go, Mig33, Facebook, Twitter and well, the list goes on. Now that we have come so far, just about anything is getting shared on social media.

While social media is a powerful tool to spread the word and help small businesses grow, it can also spread the wrong messages and destroy a persons peace.

Back in the day, social suicide meant wearing the wrong outfit or hanging out with a different type of crowd but nowadays, social suicide is more like being tagged in a weird picture or uploading a weird selfie.

Teenagers are using social media so poorly that I am afraid for the time to come when my kids request phones. Not every teenager is abusing social media but there is quiet a vast number of them who do.

The latest viral video of a girl by the name of Mishkah claiming her boyfriend on social media and ‘warning’ the girls that she would ‘put them six feet under’ if they did not heed her message to stay away from him. She used a few profanities, included a filter or two and said the words ‘highly appreciate’ within the video. The girl looks about 14/15 .

Social media has had a field day, making comments, memes and endless jokes about the video, and why shouldn’t they? It was posted publically for the entire world to see.

This girl’s profile has been trolled and images of her being cyber married to a different guy each month has also turned up. Is this what our future generations get up to? Is this what I want my daughter doing at this age? To be honest, NO WAYS.

I think as parents, we really need to start taking this phone and social media business seriously. Some days, children commit suicide because of remarks made on social media and some days, children run away with people they find on social media.

I completely understand respecting the privacy of your child but I also know that as parents, we want to protect our children. You don’t have to be snooping around, just be friends with them on their accounts, put in internet security and know what their up to and what their doing. Perhaps once a month, you can sit down and talk to them about what they post on social media and about who they accept as friends. Make them understand that although the internet is amazing, it is not the safest place.

If you have any tips for keeping your children safe on the internet please leave them in the comments or mail me at

Simone Gobin is a 24 year old, it graduate, wife to Avi and mother to Yash & Ralee Gobin. She spends her days being a mother and a wife. She has decided to start a blog as a creative outlet as well as connect with other parents. Her belief is that there is a lot to learn from other parents out there and she welcomes all advice possible.

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