Pamper your baby with the new Pampers Baby Dry range!

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The new Pampers Baby Dry nappies were sent to us to review. However, the views and opinions expressed are my own. **

Soooo, we’ve got a new baby in the house! Apart from having a newborn that needs diapers, we also have my second born that’s still in diapers. So I’ve always had two problems with diapers. Firstly, apart from Pampers, no other diaper agrees with my kid’s skin, so we end up with a whole lot of unruly nappy rash. Secondly, the urine soaks through the diaper and my kids end up soaking wet. Pampers sent over their new Baby Dry range for us to test out. The difference with this range is that it’s the first and only nappy with 2 air channels, which allows for my baby’s bum to remain dry for 12 hours.A dry bum means a dry baby and a dry baby means no extra washing!

Pampers Baby Dry distributes the urine evenly between the back and front of the diaper and then locks it away. This results in the diaper being less bulky, allowing my kids to move freely. Apart from keeping my baby’s bottom dry, Pampers Baby Dry has anti leakage barriers (music to my ears, really!) as well as absorbent micropearls that are able to absorb 30x it’s own weight. Another great thing for me is that Pampers has included baby lotion and a dry layer which contributes to the “breathable” dryness of baby’s skin and prevents the awful nappy rashes that come around with constantly wet bums.

Pampers has changed the name from Active Baby Dry to Baby Dry and have labelled their diapers in bold, saying Air Channels. The nappies retail for around R230 across all major retailers. The new packs look like the images below:


The new Baby Dry range has also made some weight adjustments

  1 2 3 4 4+ 5 5+ 6
Old 2 – 5 kg 3 – 6 kg 4 – 9 kg 7 – 14 kg 9 – 16 kg 11 – 18 kg 13 – 20 kg 15+ kg
New Baby-Dry 2 – 5 kg 3 – 8 kg 6 – 10 kg 9 – 14 kg 10 – 15 kg 11 – 16 kg 12 – 17 kg 13+ kg

The weight adjustments are a good thing for me because the broader weight range ensures that I have a diaper to fit my kids properly and not be tight on them. I have been having the struggle with diapers, trying to get one that fits well for my daughter’s weight. I love the wetness indicator, mostly because when it turns blue (and my daughter does keep checking!), she lets me know that it’s time to change.


Head over to my instagram stories to check out my daughter wearing new Pampers Baby Dry. She is completely fascinated by the cute designs on the diapers, I just love them because they are so light! Luckily Pampers sent over a pack for little Myra to try! I’ve noticed that she sleeps more comfortably with these diapers as they take quiet a while to fill up (even though newborns go to the loo quiet a lot!). This helps me and her enjoy a nice long sleep at night.


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