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Did you know that there is an alternative way to “dump” a baby without actually dumping them?

Babys in drains, in bin bags, hidden within linen.. These are just snippets of some of the headlines that have been in the newspapers already. Yeah, yeah, no judging of the people that have committed what I deem crimes. Only the courts can judge them, apparently, and well, according to the court, attempted murder of an infant is worth R1000 in bail money. I mean, I don’t know about you, but trying to kill an innocent soul, that you nurtured (okay, even if you wouldn’t want to use the word nurtured, how about incubated??) within you for 9 months takes someone with no soul. I mean, mentally, that person must be seriously messed up yet these people are allowed bail. In my opinion, this type of person should be treated the same way serial killers are treated. But anyway, that’s just my opinion and I know that they say that we don’t know the situation of the person that has committed this crime but hey, no matter what the situation, I wouldn’t kill my babys. I’d kill for them but not kill them! I don’t understand why someone would go through all that time keeping a baby that they didn’t want. Why didn’t they just have an abortion in the early stages when there was just a fetus and no cute eyes, feet and baby sounds? I AM 100% AGAINST ABORTION, but these people; if they can actually KILL an infant, they should be comfortable with the idea of abortion, right? Why even go that far? With so many contraceptives available, couldn’t these people make use of one?

Anyway, I just wanted to share a vital piece of information with you guys and hopefully you will share it with everyone else in the hopes of it reaching the correct people. There are certain provinces with “baby safes” set up. These are not homes for babys but instead safes for a mother to place her child in, instead of dumping their child.

baby safe

The safe has a variety of safety features to ensure that proper care will be given to the baby immediately. The team of the Baby Safe are then immediately notified by voice call when a baby is left in the safe & the safety backup system will also confirm once the infant has been fetched.

Confidential Baby Safes are here:


NAME: King of Kings Baptist Centre/Hope 4 Babies

LOCATION: Sun Valley, Southern Peninsula

At the corner of Bouler Lowe Drive  & Ou Kaapse Weg (there is no building number). If you are on Ou Kaapse Weg and turn towards Long Beach Mall, you will see King of Kings Baptist Centre on the left before the mall (in the intersection); this is opposite a Shell Petrol station. It is a large brown, brick church building; turn into the church parking lot and the baby safe is located at the main entrance to the building, although slightly before, in a separate wooden door, to your left if you are headed to the main double doors.

2) NAME: Helderberg Baby Saver/Choices

LOCATION: Helderberg/Somerset West

Helderberg Baby Saver is situated on the right wall of Choices, Schapenberg Road, Somerset West. From the Somerset West taxi rank go up Andries Pretorius Road and right into Main Road. Pass the Medi-Clinic hospital and turn left at the next traffic light (Vergelgen Spar is on this corner) and you will see Choices on your right.

NAME: Open Arms of Hope

LOCATION: Swop Shop at the Mbekweni Fitness centre, 10 Phokengstr, Mbekweni,

It is located on the same ground as the Mbekweni youth centre.


NAME: Door of Hope Children’s Mission


1) 48 Hillbrow St. Berea, Johannesburg.

The bin is built into the wall of the Berea Baptist Church boundary wall. Hillbrow street is just off Joe Slovo street close to the Louis Botha end .

2) 17 Doris Ave. Berea, Johannesburg

17 Doris Ave is the next street after Hillbrow closer to Abel street, this is a baby home and the bin is next to the main entrance, built into a gate.

NAME: Impact Africa/Diepsloot

LOCATION: #835 Ravele Street, Extension 2, Diepsloot

From 511 turn onto Ingoyama, look for impact kids preschool signs to show you where you turn. Turn left on tlou street. Go to bottom of the hill and at the t-junction turn right onto Ravele. The center is on the left an orange building with a green fence.

NAME: Impact Africa/Impilo

LOCATION: Impilo in Cosmo City on the corner of Arizona and Florida Road

From South Africa Drive, turn towards the Cosmo City Housing Development. Turn right on Alabama Avenue. Turn left on Arizona Cres. At the corner of Arizona and Florida Road, Impilo is on the Right, White and red buildings with a green fence.

NAME: Impact Africa/Kya Sands

LOCATION: Impact Kids in Kya Sands just off River Bend Road

At the top of Kya Sands, follow River Road until you see Impact Kids. Colorful containers, surrounded by a green fence. The safe is on the side of the gray building beside Impact Kids.


NAME: Fairhaven Baby Home

LOCATION: Durban 127

Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban North?

NAME: Open Arms/Isaiah 61 Children’s Sanctuary

LOCATION: Bluff/Durban; Bluff road Caltex garage at Makeweni (little park) – Bluff/Durban

Take a taxi/bus to the Bluff – Fynnlands

Taxi’s from Clairwood and Town will come here as well as the bus from Umlazi and Ntuzuma, ask them to drop you of at Makeweni which is on Bluff Road. You will see a little park and in the back you will find the baby safe.


NAME: Healthy Moms & Babies Clinic ( HMBC)

LOCATION: 27 St Francis Bay, Jeffrey’s Bay

There are so many provinces and areas within that do not have baby safes. This is a great initiative so if you want to make a donation or just help out go to http://thebabysafe.org/. You can also find more information on the above baby safes on the site.


Simone Gobin is a 24 year old, it graduate, wife to Avi and mother to Yash & Ralee Gobin. She spends her days being a mother and a wife. She has decided to start a blog as a creative outlet as well as connect with other parents. Her belief is that there is a lot to learn from other parents out there and she welcomes all advice possible.

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