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#MondayMelody baby – Let’s just say, I’m Undecided


Oh, for the love of dance! I’m a HUGE LOVER of dance …there’s nothing better than being able to dance with your soul… When I saw the choreography for Chris Brown’s, “Undecided”, I had to stop and stare! The song is okayish (I’m not a fan of old school REMAKES; they never sound as good!) but the choreography is simple, clean and very broadwayish.. So when you hear this song, you will hear the famous sample of Shanice’s, “I Love Your Smile” and identify with that nostalgic feeling of the old school but then, Chris Brown’s words completely strip the song of it’s somewhat “innocent” feel. Although I don’t agree with the lyrics, I love the choreography and there are parts of the video that hit home if you’re an old school lover like me. The girl’s expressions on part of the video match up with the “classic” reaction to when a boy speaks to a girl that he’s interested in; you know the smile and flipping of the hair and shaking of head. Also, at the end of the song, he stands with his crew singing to her and she’s standing with her girls.. (this is a back in the day type of thing; go watch the video then you gonna understand!)


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