Omg Myra’s about to travel

My parents and our little family are going on a day trip to Park Rynie tomorrow. Park Rynie is on the South coast of Durban and is quiet well known within our community. Most Durbanites head over to Park Rynie for the day or for overnight camping especially around New Years.

We usually go to the paid area of Park Rynie which has toilet facilities and is where the camping spots are. The paid area has access control by boom gates. Police vehicles are also often seen patrolling.

Most people opt for this section because you are able to park your car and braai right next to the car. The beach is just a couple steps away as well.

Its going to be baby Myra’s first trip to the beach. We’re (actually just ME) packing kids mattresses, pillows, cool clothes, warm clothes, medication, toys and many other seemingly unnecessary (I know better) things.

I love to be prepared for literally everything and I will probably pack everything that I feel is necessary. Do you feel that you also over prep? Or do you just carry bare necessities?

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