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Welcome to the Mom Corner.

My blog may be a mum blog, but it has different aspects as well. (I think I have to rethink my niche! LOL). After getting involved in the blogging community, I have come to know many mommy bloggers out there. That being said, I am so proud to be a part of the blogging community and honored to share a space on the internet with such amazing women!
On my blog, you will find many things pertaining to motherhood so you might wonder why I felt the need to create a dedicated space like ‘The Mom Corner’. Well, when I began this blog, my purpose was to share my journey as a mother and to share the journey of others too, but after starting my blog and connecting with others, the need to help other mums get their names out there and make their mark in this world rose within me.
The purpose of this corner is to feature mom bloggers regardless of what their blogs are about and help them gain exposure. The blogosphere is a wonderful space, but you have to admit that there are a million blogs out there and it is extremely hard to gain the following that you would like. When you start a blog, positive feedback from people gives you the hope and encouragement that you need to carry on. Every blogger knows how wonderful it feels to receive feedback on a post that they have worked hard on.

The Mom Movement – more than just a mom

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The Mom Movement is something that I would like to create for mothers like me, who are more than just moms. Being a mother is amazing, wonderful and of course, hard work. Motherhood does not come with an instruction manual yet moms do an amazing job of ‘just knowing’ what to do and what to say to make it all right for their kids.

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The identity crisis

Did you know that there is an identity crisis affecting moms? Yes, that’s right an identity CRISIS. Many mothers lose their own identity when assuming the identity of ‘Mom’. When I am asked to introduce myself, I sound something like this: “I am Simone, a 24-year-old mum of two…” You see what happened there? I am Simone, a 24-year-old mum of two… That’s my identity right there, I am a mum. But hello, I am more than just a mom! I am a woman, I am a wife, I am an IT Diploma Graduate, I am a software developer, I am a blogger, I am so many things!

Women of today, are facing this, where it happens that one day they look in the mirror and say ‘Wait.. is this who I am now?’

I am not saying being a mom is not fulfilling nor am I saying that being defined as a mom is a bad thing. I love my kids, I love spending time with them and getting to witness their milestones. They are such a big part of me and I could never do without them! But as your kids grow they will grow away from you in search of their own identities and then you might feel a bit lost.

The main reasons why we face this


When you become a mom, your life revolves around your children. Fair enough, that is what they need; your love, care, nurturing and attention, however, we neglect ourselves in this process. We are so focused on making the whole world right for our children, that we forget to take care of ourselves as well. We stop caring about how we look, when we eat and we even stop doing the things that WE like to do.


If you were a career orientated woman that had to become a stay at home mom, chances are you are feeling unfulfilled because you are not doing the work that you loved to do!


This one, I can totally relate to. We all face mom guilt. If I have to take five minutes to myself to just do nothing, I feel guilty about it immediately. How dare I sit and do nothing while my children are crying for no apparent reason at all! How selfish of me!
All I can say is that motherhood is a journey – A journey of self-discovery. This identity crisis will pass and we will all find our footing eventually. I think blogging is a great way to find yourself as it is a great creative outlet for moms like me! It is a great way to connect with other moms, ask for advice and share your experiences.
The first series of posts will be hitting this site soon and I hope you enjoy reading what these wonderful moms have to say!
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